Chapter 17-2

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(All girls went in the mall. First, they went to do shopping. Mukti, Nandini and Navya bought many dresses. Mukti literally made Nandini to try many dresses and then herself will reject them as they were not looking good on Nandini according to Mukti.)

(Mukti literally pampered Nandini to no limit. She personally bought the best for her in which Nandini look like an angel. They literally has fight like two sisters when one says that is good and other says no, the other one is good.. And as always.. the elder one (Mukti) has to give in to younger one's (Nandini) wishes making the younger one to smile to the fullest and seeing which the elder one is the happiest. ) (Hehe.. it do happens in real life too...)

(Navya and Nandini also made Mukti to try many dresses and same was with Navya too.)

(But... but... but... in all this someone was there who is hidingly capturing all the moments of Nandini, the antics, the cute pouts, the smile, the laugh, the beauty of Nandini in his camera and his heart to cherish them forever. He is none other than Manik. When Cabir and Harshad were busy purchasing things for themselves, Manik was busy staring at Nandini and capturing her in his heart and enjoying every moment of admiring her with a bliss. Nandini also felt those stares, she tried to find the source but Manik made sure that he didn't get caught as he knew that Mukti will not leave him then.)

(Cabir and Harshad tease Manik a lot that he has become a total majnu who can't let her laila go out of his sight even for a second. But Manik don't give a damn to them and infact told them.)

C: Manik tu na bilkul majnu ban gaya hai doll ke pyaar mein..

H: Haan.. seriously.. tu ek second ke liye bhi usse apni nazron se door nhi hone deta..

M: Tum logon ko jo bolna hai bolo.. par main nhi hatnewala.. 

M: And yes.. Angel aur meri story koi laila-majnu ki story nhi hai.. Yeh hamari story hai.. nandini aur manik ki. MaNan ki.. Laila aur majnu toh ek nhi huye the.. par manik aur nandini zarur ek honge.. unhe koi alag nhi kar sakta.. (Harshad and Cabir were amazed to hear such words from manik. They actually realised the depth of manik's love for nandini.)

M:Yeh MaNan ki story hai.. Manik ki nandini ki aur nandini ke manik ki.. Aur ye humesha MaNan ki story hi rahegi.. (Cabir spoke still in daze.)

C: You are totally whipped man.. (Manik smiled and spoke.)

M: That I am.. (Now, manik spoke strictly.)

M: Now.. stop disturbing me.. I have to admire my angel.. (Harshad spoke immediately seeing him getting serious.)

H: Yes.. yes.. carry on.. (Manik again started admiring his angel.)

(Mukti, Nandini and Navya were wandering around when nandini spotted a chocolate shop and she got all excited. She immediately rushed inside.. seeing her rushing even Mukti and Navya rushed behind her. ) (Nandini being a child-heart immediately got excited and spoke.)

N: Aiyappa.. itni sari chocolates aur vo bhi different types ki.. (Manik was going all aww on seeing her antics.) (Mukti asked nandini.)

MU: Kya huya chotti.. tu aise kyun aa gayi? (Nandini spoke excitingly.)

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