Chapter 18-1

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Happy Rakshabandhan to all the brothers and sisters out there.. 

Thanku to each one of you for wishing me on my birthday and adding more memories to my birthday.. and for appreciating the work.. So..  here goes the update.. 


(All woke up at 5:30. Manik and nandini opened their eyes together and in an instant their eyes moved towards each other , both smiled seeing each other. Manik pecked her forehead and nandini pecked her cheek. They got up and went to their room to get fresh. All got ready and  checked out from hotel and started their journey. In between they were talking and by the time nandni slept, they reached manik's home at pune. All admired the mansion as they have come there for the first time. As they all were tired they decided to sleep for some time.)


(Manik took nandini in his arms in bridal style and came inside and whispered in her ears lovingly.)

M: Welcome home jaan.. (Nandini smiled in sleep making manik's smile widen. He lovingly pecked her forehead and snuggle her close to himself.)

(Seeing him all servants came and greeted him and his friends. He greeted them back. All were surprised seeing change in manik as he was calling elder servants as kaka and others also with respect and somewhere all knew that the girl in his arms is the reason for it as they saw that he was holding nandini with full love and care.)

(Manik told servants some things and asked them to show rooms to his friends. His dad is not in home. He has went to attend some meeting. Manik also don't give a damn to it as he know he will not come to see him once as he will be busy in making money for him. Navya and Mukti took one room. Cabir and harshad took another. Manik took nandini in his room.)

(When he entered his room.. he smiled looking towards sleeping nandini and spoke lovingly.)

M: Finally.. today this house has become home as you have stepped in it jaan.. I love you so much.. (He pecked her forehead lovingly.)

(Then he put her on bed comfortably and then slipped beside her and slept holding nandini tightly in his embrace after pecking her forehead and cheek lovingly. As nandini have slept in the journey, so she woke up at 10. She saw herself in manik's embrace and smiled seeing manik sleeping like a baby. She pecked his cheek softly and recognizing her touch manik smiled in sleep. Nandini smiled and then look around and saw herself in some room and she saw that room was filled with manik's photographs and realized that she was at manik's place at pune. She admired the beauty of his room. She slowly entangeled herself from manik and manik not feeling nandini's warmth and touch slowly started stirring in sleep. Nandini immediately patted his head lovingly to make him sleep again and smiled realizing that he could feel her even in his sleep. She doesn't want to wake him up as he may be tired from all the driving and also he has woken up early in the morning. When she realised that he is in deep slumber.. she slowly took her pillow and put her scarf on it which has her fragrance which she was wearing today and put that pillow in manik's embrace. Feeling nandini's fragrance in that pillow manik immediately holded it in his embrace and smiled and snuggled to it and slept peacefully. Nandini smiled seeing this and then pecking manik's forehead, she got fresh and then came out of his room. She was admiring the mansion when one of the servants came to her and asked.)

S: Mam.. kuch chahiye apko? (Nandini got startled and asked.)

N: Ji?

S: Do you need anything mam? (Nandini said politely.)

N: Pls.. don't call me mam.. (Servant became confused and asked.)

S: Ji?

N: Yes.. don't call me mam... ap mujhse bade hain..

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