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Chapter 5-2

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Evening continues....


M: Why Nandini? How can you understand me so well? How can you see my inner pain? How? Why you hurt me there, where it hurts the most? Why you brought the pain all over again which i have hidden from the whole world? How could you recognise it nandini and why you recognise it. (Manik was crying alot by falling on his knees. He remembers all that what has happened with him till now.) 

M: Firstly my parents. My dad, who cares for me but has no time for me. He was so busy in making money for his son that he didn't realise even for once that his son needs love and care too which he can give only by giving me some time but he has no time for me. I even don't remember properly that why i have met him last, may be 2 years or 3 years ago. And my mom, Mom kya.. so called Nyonika. She toh live with me only under one roof but then also has no time for me. She only believes in give and take relationship. She made me a monster who doesn't believe in any relationship, who doubts each and every person. These are my parents who think that just giving luxurious life is enough for children but they didn't even think for once, they need your time also.

Then i met Fab 5, my friends, my real family. :-) . We were so happy with each other. We became friends, then, best of friends. Then, i proposed alia. Those were the best days of my life. We Fab 5 used to do so much fun. We just need each other and nothing else. We become Fab 5, The great Fab 5 so that no one can bully us. We did lot of parties, trips , fun, masti. 

When i first met alia, i liked her and may be she also liked me. Then slowly slowly we became friends, then when we started understanding each other and then we started having feelings for each other. After 2 years of this hide and seek i finally confessed to her. 


Fab 5 are partying in malhotra mansion. Then after some time, all went to sleep in their respective rooms in malhotra mansion itself. only alia and manik are left their. They were sitting their and finally manik gathers courage and ask her out.

M: Alia, i wanted to say you something.

A: Yes, manik tell.

M: Alia, i love you. 

(Alia become so happy by listening this and huhhed manik.)

A: I love you too manik.

(Manik after listening this became so happy. he hugged her tightly.)

(Then , after wishing good night to each other, they both went to sleep. next day, they both told it to fab 5. All were shocked first, then, accepted their relation and became very happy. They were enjoying their lives to the fullest)

But after one month of their confession, their lives changed. They lost alia.


M: I loved you so much alia , but you left us, you left me and till now i thought myself responsible for your death. Sometimes, i feel that you are alive but my hopes are not winning. and now Nandini.. I don't know anything about her. I mean i have met her just a week ago but i feel like i know her from eternity. I really doesn't want to cheat alia but i don't know why i am attracted towards nandini, whenever i see in her eyes, i just got lost in them.Her long silky hairs, her doe-like eyes, her chubby cheeks, her sweet si nose, her pouty lips, her cute antics, her golden heart, each and everything attracts me towards her. I don't know why, par m uski taraf kheencha chala jata hoon. Alia ko gaye 3 saal ho gaye, par maine kisi aur ladki ki taraf dekha tak nhi, par pata nhi nandini mein aisa kya h, jo mujhe usse door nhi jane deta. we used to bully alot, even jab alia thi, tab bhi, hum bully karte the, par mujhe kabhi farq nhi pada. par jab nandini ro rahi rhi, i was so scared and worried for her. When she fainted i thought my heart skipped a beat. When she hugged me, i felt complete, i felt peace. I was so happy with alia, i always smiled, i loved her smile alot but with nandini i felt complete. what is all this going on with me. I still love alia, i am waiting for her but then why i can't stop myself from thinking about nandini. What is happening to me? Meri life itni complicated kyun h? kya i don't deserve happiness, kya i don't deserve love? What's going on.. Please someone help me.. Please.. (and again he started crying a lot.)


N: Kya aj jo maine kiya, sahi kiya? Kya mujhe itna sab unhe bolna chahiye tha? Nhi, maine sahi kia. m bas unhe reality dikhana chahti thi. I know maine un sabko bhut hurt kiya, m unse kal maafi maang lungi. par unke dil se pain nikalna bhi zaruri tha aur unhe ye batana bhi zaruri tha ki life mein sirf unhone suffer nhi kia, aur log bhi hain jinhone suffer kia h.


Nandini and her family were living very happily. her parents pampers her a lot. she was very protective for her younger brother. But one day took away everything. Her parents while returning home, met with an accident and they died and nandini's whole life changed.She was just 8 years old at that time. Since her brother was young and small. So, she become matured more early than her age because she has the responsibility of her brother. So, her chacha- chachi took their responsibility. Though, they loved them alot as their own children but still nandini never bothered them with her any wishes.)


(By remembering all this, nandini cried alot. )

N: No, i will be strong. if not for me, then for my brother, my rishabh. I have to be strong for him. 

N: Aur fab 5? i know, they all are hurt in some way or the other. They all are hiding their pain . Par Manik? pata nhi kyun, i can feel his pain. jab bhi m uski aankkhon mein dekhti hoon, i feel something in them like he want that ki koi uska pain khatam kar de. jab bhi uski aankhon mein dekhti hoon, m kho jati hoon. I just got lost in them. kuch h jo mujhe uski taraf attract karta h. Maina aisa pehle kabhi kisi ke liye feel nhi kia. jab bhi uski aankhon mein dekhti hoon, aisa lagta h jaise pura jahan dekh lia ho, aisa lagta h ki usse barson se janti hoon. Jab us din store room mein aankhein kholi aur usse dekha, i felt so relieved after seeing him and when i hugged him, i felt at peace. M uske dard ki depth toh nhi janti par agar kuch bhi karke uski help zarur karungi aur ho sake toh Fab 5 ki help karungi. Aur ye Fab 5 ka 5th member h kaun? kahin uski vajah se ye dard toh nhi. Mujhe pata lagana hoga, shayad tabhi m unki help kar payun nd especially manik ki. M uske aankhon mein dard nhi dekh sakti.

(With this , she went to sleep)

(With this, an eventful evening come to an end and brought night with it. But there is lot more to come. The new day will bring alot more in their lives. May be some will get peace or some may get more pain. But hoping for the best , they all went to sleep to welcome the new day and accept whatever it may brought with it.)

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