Chapter 2

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A new day,a new beginning.

All got ready and came to college.

Navya bumps with Mukti in the canteen. In anger mukti throws sauce on navya. Fab 5 were laughing watching this. Nandini sees all this and came for her friend's help and shout at fab 5.

N: All you have gone mad. she by mistake bumps with you. it was your fault also. 

(Navya starts crying, and Fab 5 got angry on Nandini for coming in between Fab 5 matters.)

(When Manik sees Nandini, he got lost in her. She was looking beautiful in red kurti and black jeans, but when she shouts on mukti, he got angry.)

M: Watch out miss. Yesterday u mess with me and now with mukti. I think u love to mess up with us. Don't you know who we are? We are Fab 5. Get that into your head.

 N: Navya, please stop crying. Yes, i know who you are. I know this college belongs to your parents but that doesn't mean that you can behave with anyone the way you want. If you want to get respect, then, first respect others. Got it.  Chalo Navya.

(Nandini goes out from there with Navya)

MU: What's wrong with you Manik? She said so much to you and you are silent. What's going on?

(Manik was lost in her thoughts. Till now, no one dared to speak in front of fab 5 and especially him. This girl has the power to speak in front of him. But Mukti broke his thoughts. Even he doesn't know why he didn't speak anything to her. But to control the situation he says to mukti.)

M: Relax Mukti, we will take revenge from her in our way. She messes with us , so, she will have to bear the consequences.

MU: Oh! like that. Then its okay. 

C: Chalo, let's eat something guys. i am hungry.

ALL: bhukkad... Tera kuch nhi ho sakta.

(Actually Cabir was closely watching manik and find his behaviour somewhat different. So, to handle the situation, he diverts the topic)

Fab 5 started having coke, sandwiches, etc. 

Manik was physically there but mentally , he was thinking only about nandini that why he doesn't say anything to her.

After this, they all move to jam room.


N: Navya, please stop crying. 

NA: Nandini, believe me. maine jaan bujhkar kuch nhi kia. Bas galti se ho gaya.

N: I know Navya. Please chup ho jayo. 

NA: They all are very bad. Hum toh Fab 5 se dur hi rahenge.

N: I know Navya.( Nandini in mind: Par pata nhi kyun, i feel some pain in their eyes especially in Manik's eyes.) Chalo Navya, let's go. Its the time of our first lecture.

NA: Haan,haan Chalo. Mujhe ab professor se daant nhi khaani.

N: Haan chalo. Par, pehle smile. 

NA: (Navya finally Smiles) Thanku Nandini . U stand for me.

N: Its okay Navya, what are friends for. 

(Then they both hug each other and goes to attend their class.)

After the class, they are going to canteen and again cross path with Fab 5. Mukti and Navya again bump with each other. 

Mukti got really angry and pushed Navya. Navya falls on the floor. Then she is going to push Nandini but by chance she holds manik shoulder and as a response Manik holds her waist and thus save her from falling. Both once again got lost in each other eyes. 

MU: What the hell Manik, why do you save her?

(Manik and Nandini straighten themselves. Nandini helps navya to stand and go from there. Manik stands there lost in his thoughts. All this was seen by Cabir. He was watching Manik's each and every action)

MU: Manik i am asking you something?

M: Huh?

MU: Where are you lost man? Why do you save her?

M: Woh.. Woh..

(He was fumbling for words, but cabir came as his saviour.)

C: Chod na Mukti. kyun mood off kar rahi h. hum unhe baad mein dekh lenge. Chal Manik tere ghar chalte hain aur party karte hain.

M: (Manik thanked Cabir in his mind.)Haan Haan chalo, mere ghar chalte hain.

MU: Haan chalo yaar, vaise bhi unki vajah se mera mood kharab ho gaya h. 

D: Haan chalo. bhut time se hamnein party nhi ki.

MU: what? dhruv are you okay? Tu parties ke liye kab se excited hone laga?

D: Chod na mukti. voh toh maine aise hi bol dia.

MU: Acha chalo guys. Now i can't wait more.

(All went to Manik's house and drink alot. since all are very drunk they slept in Manik's house only. Manik goes to his room and went to sleep.)

(When he woke up in evening, he felt a very bad headache because he drank alot. since the time alia has left, he used to drink alot and then have a very bad hangover.)

(But today, he drank not only because of alia but because of nandini too. He was very confused that why he feel attracted towards nandini always, why he always got lost in her eyes. He was not able to interpret all this.)

( Manik in mind: No, i can't think about Nandini. I love alia only and she is the most beautiful girl for me. Now, i have to take my revenge from Nandini as soon as possible and then i have to make distance from her.)

Chucking his thoughts, he went downstairs and wake up all his friends. They all together have dinner and went to their homes.

On the other side, Nandini cooks dinner for everyone. All praises her cooking skills especially her brother. Then, she told story to her brother and make him sleep and came to her room.

N: Aisa kya h manik ki aankhon mein, jo mujhe uski taraf khinchta h? aisa kaunsa pain chupa rakha h usne apne dil mein? 

(When she was thinking about Manik, her fireflies glows brighter and she sees this. )

N: Kya Manik mera true love h? Kya m usse pyaar...? Nhi Nhi, Nandini murthy tu pagal ho gai h. Tujhe do din nhi hue usse mile hue aur tu usse pyaar kaise kar sakti hai? ye fireflies toh aise hi glow kar rahi hain. ab chup chap so ja. Kal pata nhi Fab 5 aur kya naya karegi.

(She does her prayers and off to sleep.)

Here, on the other side ,Manik was watching his stars in his balcony and playing guitar. He is remembering about alia and his moments and closes his eyes. When he closes his eyes, Nandini comes in his mind. He opens his eyes with a jerk.

M: What the hell! How can i even think about Nandini while thinking about alia. I think aj ke liye kuch zyada drink kar liya, i should now go to sleep. 

M: Good Night Alia. Come soon. I am waiting for you. 

(When he closes his eyes, then again Nandini's face came in front of him. he again opens his eyes. Then after lot of tossing on bed, lot of efforts , finally he drifted to sleep.)

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