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Hello guys,
I am sorry I am a little busy so that's why couldn't reply to your comments..  infact I didn't read all the comments..
So sorry..

And yes, I read few comments asking me to update the story..
Guys, I have already told you earlier that I have some functions to attend, with that I have my office, my study as well.. please guys, try to understand..

I wanted to make your Valentine's week special, so, I gave you regular updates for the first 5 days and then for the last 3 days, I gave you all the MaNan moments so as to make you re-live their journey and you guys supported me in that and I really love you for that and I am blessed to have you as my readers and friends.. :-)

Till now, you have always been patient, please have a little more patience.. I request you guys.. please..

I need some time to fresh my mind and then think and write.. if I write in such hurry, then the update will be total mess which I really don't want..

Everything is now good in fab5's life and now, it's a very important part of the story where they have to make everything good in their Angel's life who have given them happiness and peace and I don't want to write it in a rush and spoil it..

You have given me immense love in the last few updates and I know you all have high hopes with the coming updates too and I don't want to disappoint you all.. please guys, try to understand and give me some time.. please..

I will definitely try to give you updates by this week ends. Please guys understand me... please.. I request you..

Please support me the way you have always done from the starting of the story.. please..

Hope you guys understand and will shower your love and support the same way you are doing till now...

Thanku for all your love and support...
Thanks a ton.. :-) :-)

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