Chapter 8-3

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A beautiful day.. A beautiful evening.. 


Nandini come home all smiling and with a hope to get manik's love. She is happy to her fullest. She went to her chachi and told her about the party and she immediately agreed. She is happy that nandini is making new friends and is happy and also she has full trust on nandini that she will not do anything wrong which will make her guilty. She knows that nandini is mature enough to know what is right and what is wrong and will never break her trust and thus, without any second thought, she gave her the permission. Nandini thanked her and went to spend some time with her brother. She talked to him, asked about his studies, homework, played with him (in my story, rishabh is perfectly fit and fine, he is just somewhat weak in health.) and then went to her room to get ready for the party. 

  NANDINI'S  POV: (She is sitting on her bed and remembering whole day incidents.)

Aiyappa, aj meri life ka best day tha. Ab apse kya chuppana, maine plan bana toh lia tha par m bhut scared thi ki kahin harshad ne vaise react nhi kia, jaise m chahti hoon ya agar mujhe kuch ho gaya toh? But then, apka naam lekar maine plan execute kar hi dia. Thanku so much aiyappa for being there with me. Par harshad ko samjhana bhut mushkil tha, vo kuch samajhna hi nhi chahta tha. But at last, he understood me. He was also right somewhere, he lost his sister, so, he was not in a condition to think wisely par kuch der baad vo meri baat samajh hi gaya. And when i told him about mukti, he was shocked. Obviously, he would be because jab fab5 ko ye baat nhi pata, aur mujhe pata h but then i told him everything about my relation with fab5, with mukti and her condition when he left her. He was guilty and i can see it in his eyes. He was scared that he lost mukti forever but then, i asked him to believe in his love like manik who till now waits for alia. Though my heart pricked at that one sentence but i kept myself strong and after that what harshad told me confused me first but then give me some hope too. He said manik never loved alia, it was just an attraction and he is waiting for her, not out of love but because he is guilty. He never loved alia even for once. Listening that, i got some hope but then, i thought, maybe its just harshad's point of view and moreover i am happy in manik's happiness. If he is happy without me, then, i am also happy. I just wanted him to be happy always and nothing else. Meri khushi manik ki khushi se badhkar nhi h mere liye. But, then, to avoid the situation, i told him and more precisely, convinced him that mukti loves him now also and asked him to meet her once. But he was not ready because he doesn't want to hurt mukti and at that point i was sure that he loves mukti alot. I convinced him and called mukti to meet me in the music room because i know at that time the room will be empty and i wanted them to meet and clear their thoughts. When mukti came and saw harshad with me, she was shocked and tried to ignore him which definitely hurts harshad but he didn't say anything because may be he knows that he deserved that atleast for whatever he has done with mukti. But i tried to make mukti talk to him and even harshad tried to talk to her but she is not ready to listen. Jaisa boyfriend, vaisi hi girlfriend, poore ke poore ziddi, completely made for each other. Anyways, somehow we talked to her and i calmly made her realise harshad's situation at that time and made her realise that he still loves har alot. Finally, she understood and both of them hugged each other and confessed their love and i was so happy seeing mukti smiling to her fullest and getting her true love back. I prayed to god to always keep them happy and together. But, suddenly mukti asked how it all happened? And that one question i really wanted to avoid because i know when she will come to know, she will got tensed and angry too and will shout on me for pulling that stunt but harshad told her everything and as expected, muku ne mujhe bhut daanta , par saath hi saath ,she was very concerned for me too and told me my importance in their lives. I felt blessed to have her in my life. She was scared for her chotti and i made her calm that i am ok. Then, we went to fab5. When i entered, my eyes met with manik and for the first time, i saw that he was smiling to the fullest but i was confused ki manik mujhe dekhkar itna smile kyun kar raha h? He was smiling like a kid who got his wish fulfilled . Its like his eyes were only searching for me, he wanted to see me and now, after seeing me, he got his life back and is smiling to his fullest but our trance was broken by harshad's sudden hug to manik. But, he immediately look towards me as if asking me for an assurance that whether it was true or not, whether it was all real or not aur mujhe pata bhi nhi chala, when i blinked my eyes as if answering his unsaid question and assuring him that it was all true and to my surprise, he also understood my que and hugged harshad back with a beautiful smile on his face. I was surprised that how our eyes talked to each other and understood each other so correctly, even without saying anything from our lips. Then, harshad apologised to him and talked about alia. When, i heard about alia, i felt sad and saw towards manik and i found manik already looking at me. I found questions in manik's eyes but i didn't know what are those questions but he is looking in my eyes searching for their answers. I don't know what he was searching in my eyes but i realised that his eyes held pain and i thought maybe he remembered alia, that's why he is hurt, i felt sad with that thought but if manik is happy then, i am more than happy, so, i plastered a smile on my face for manik's happiness because his smile means alot to me. Then, he talked to harshad. Harshad apologised and somewhere manik's guilt also lessens. Then all fab5 met harshad. All are happy to their fullest but manik is smiling from all his heart and seeing manik smiling, i smiled to my fullest. Manik's smile is so pure. M manti hoon ki maine jo bhi kia vo mukti ke liye kia par mera dil janta h ki maine ye sab manik ke liye bhi kia h. Haan, m khush hoon mukti ko khush dekhkar, par jo manik ke chehre par khushi thi, uske liye m kuch bhi kar sakti hoon. Mujhe pata tha ki manik khud ko guilty samajh raha h, so, by making harshad understand and strengthening their relation, i know ki manik ka pain, uska guilt khatam nhi hoga, but atleast kuch hadd tak kam toh hoga aur vahi hua and he was smiling. M mukti ke liye bhut khush hoon ki finally, she got her true love but with that i am also happy, that somewhere i was able to take some pain of manik and he was smiling to his fullest. Then, out of blue, cabir bhai asked that how it all happened and i knew ki ab toh m gayi, cabir bhai bahut daantenge mujhe. But to my surprise, he didn't. He was so so scared for me and hugged me. Though i could see anger in his eyes but not for once he shouted on me. I think that is the elder brother and i realised when he calls me doll, he really means it and he is totally protective of me aur ek bada bhai apni chotti behen ko kabhi nhi daant sakta, mere cabir bhai can never shout on his doll. I felt blessed and in order to calm him down, i to make fun said that ki m itni jaldi nhi marne wali and cabir bhai, muku and manik shouted at me. Firstly, i didn't realised and then when i realised, i felt so sorry to scare them again but mostly, i was shocked because of manik's shout but then, cabir bhai and muku hugged me tightly and cabir bhai told me my importance in their lives, i felt blessed and cabir bhai kissed my forehead to ensure me that he was there for me in every step of mine. But, suddenly manik went from there in full angry mood and i felt that he was angry because of me, maybe he was hurt because i made him remember his past. Mukti being protective towards me doesn't wanted me to go because she knows manik lost his calm when he was angry but cabir bhai understood me and made me go. Then, i searched for manik and found him near the staircase. He was standing with his back towards me and i started saying sorry to him for hurting him and making him remember alia, but i don't know that what happened to him, he suddenly hugged me and i was shocked would be an understatement. Then he started scolding me for pulling that stunt on him. Actually, he was scared for me, for my well being. I wasn't in a state to believe that he cares for me and is protective towards me and is scared for me to this extent and here i was thinking that he was hurt for alia but in reality, he was scared for me, protective for me. He was talking and talking and i felt numb, my mind stopped working and then he broke my thoughts and shaked me. Then, he asked me is i am okay and at that moment, i saw love, care , concern for me in his eyes. And i told him that i am fine. He hugged me again. Kya manik sach me mere liye kuch feel karne laga h? kya sach mein m manik ke liye itni important hoon? Kya sach mein meri khushi uske liye itni important ho gayi h? kya sach mein meri life manik ke liye itni important h? Aiyappa, ye sab sach h na, koi sapna toh nhi? But, then, i realised manik was still scared, so, i slowly hugged him back and when he felt my arms around him, he tightened the hug and i started rubbing his back and ruffling his hairs to calm him and he snuggles in my hairs more and more like a small baby who is getting his mother's warmth and i am there to give him that warmth anytime whenever he needs it, i am more than happy to fulfill his every wish and that feeling was out of the world. I felt complete in the hug, i felt like i didn't want anything more from my life. Then, after some time, we broke the hug and he kissed on my forehead  and i felt like 1000 butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I closed my eyes to feel that blissful moment. his lips lingered on my forehead for some 30-40 seconds. It was the first time any guy have kissed me except appa, chacha, rishabh and cabir bhai. I felt like even if i die now only, then, also i won't regret. The kiss was so soothing, its like manik was giving him assurance that i am fine and also giving me assurance that he is always there for me, i matters to him alot. Then, we had an eye lock and believe me his eyes hold so much for me at that moment, i can see in his eyes my whole life and will never complain even for once, but his phone broke our eye lock and i was blushing remembering the previous encounter. I saw that manik become somewhere angry after listening to the call but when he saw towards me, i don't know what he saw but a beautiful smile came on his lips and i smiled automatically. To avoid awkwardness, we headed towards canteen. We all had a lot of fun. In between, i saw mukti and harshad stealing glances and i became very happy. I also saw cabir bhai and navya stealing glances, i will talk to cabir bhai soon. Even, i am stealing glances of manik and when i saw that he was also looking towards me, i blushed profusely. Then, they decided to do a party at malhotra mansion but i refused because i thought that it should be fab5 party and i also saw manik's face also hung down listening to it. But then, cabir bhai and muku convinced me or rather blackmailed me, then, i am left with no option but to agree and that brought a beautiful smile on manik's face and mine also. I want to spend some time with manik and to know more about his feelings and i think he also want the same. M party mein cabir bhai se bhi baat kar lungi navya ke bare mein aur manik ki feelings bhi jaan lungi mere bare mein.)

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