Chapter 17-4

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All went to their respective destination. Then, manik turned towards nandini and asked her.

M: Batao, kya wish hai tumhari? (Nandini was shocked listening to it.)

N: Tumhe kaise pata chala ki hum meri wish puri karne ja rahe hain.. (Manik smirked and asked.)

M: U want me to answer that.. I hope you know that i know you too well.. (Nandini smiled listening to that and nodded her head in yes.)

N: Right.. (Now, manik excitedly and lovingly asked cupping her face.)

M: Ab batao, kahan jana hai tumhe? Kya chahiye meri angel ko? Kya wish hai tumhari?

N: Wait.. tum chalo mere saath.. (Seeing the place, manik frowned and asked.)

M: Hum yahan kyun aaye hain? (Nandini excitedly spoke.)

N: Meri wish puri karne.. (Manik sighed and spoke.)

M: Ohhhh.. Acha.. tumhe ache se pata tha ki mukti tumhari ye wish bilkul puri nhi karegi aur bakiyon ko bhi nhi karne degi siwaye mere.. because you know ki main kisi ki sunta nhi siwaye tumhare... isliye tum mujhe yahan le aayi.. 

N: Yes.. mujhe pata tha ki mukti meri ye wish puri nhi karegi and I was sure ki vo bakiyon ko bhi mana kar degi.. but I knew ki tum meri wish zarur puri karoge aur mukti ki baat nhi sunoge because my every wish is your command. (Manik smiled and spoke.)

M: Yes.. it's true that your every wish is my command but not at the cost of your health.. (Nandini threatened manik.)

N: Mani.. dekho main pyaar se tumhe bol rahi hoon.. maan jao.. varna you know I can order you too because I know I have that right.. (Manik sighed and spoke being helpless.)

M: Ofcourse you have that right angel and only you have that right but it's about your health na.. (Now, nandini knew she has to order manik.)

N: Mani.. Fine then.. I am ordering you that I want these.. (Manik sighed in defeat and spoke.)

M: Ab main kya bolun? Infact, ab main bol hi kya sakta hoon.. Acha thk hai tumhe jitni chocolates leni hai lelo.. but you have to promise me ki tum saari ek saath nhi khaogi aur na hi zyada quantity mein..

N: Done.. aur vaise bhi main ye sab apne liye thodi le rahi hoon.. (Manik frowned and asked.)

M: Toh fir?

N: Vo.. Rishabh also likes chocolates.. toh thodi si uske liye le rahi hoon aur fir do din baad mujhe anathalaya bhi jana hai.. main ye sab chocolates unn bachhon ke liye le rahi hoon.. unn bachhon ke chehron par khushi dekhne ke liye.. (Mukti was surprised to know all that and confused too.)

M: Tumne ye baat mukti ko kyun nhi batayi? Vo ye sunkar tumhe kabhi bhi mana nhi karti..

N: I know ki vo ye janne ke baad mana nhi karti.. but Mani main kisi ko iss bare mein batana nhi chahti thi.. 

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