Chapter 12-12

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(Nandini came downstairs and saw that everyone was quiet and there was utter silence, she became confused that why everyone was so serious, so she asked them.)

N: Kya hua? Ap sab itne chup kyun ho? Kuch hua hai kya? (Chachi doesn't wanted nandini to know the truth as she knew that she is still not ready to let her pain go now, so she immediately spoke.)

CHACHI: Nhi nandu, tujhe aise hi lag raha hai, sab thk hai.. Hai na bachhon? (She asked them to say yes through eyes. They understood chachi.)

MU/C/NA: Ji.. Ji chachi.. Haan sab thk hai... (Nandini saw towards Manik and manik knew that she will immediately recognize from his eyes that he had cried and now, he was so vulnerable that he can't control himself, then, how can he control nandini and heal her. So, he avoided looking in her eyes.)

N: Manik, all okay? 

M: Haan.. haan angel sab thk hai. (He spoke looking everywhere but not at nandini.)Vo angel, hum sab ghar ja rahe hain.. bhut late ho gaya hai na.. Toh.. (He knew that if he stood there for few more minutes in front of nandini, then, he will definitely break down and he was not ready yet to talk to nandini because he wanted to gather himself first.) (Nandini knew about manik's pain beforehand only, so, she was somewhere ready to heal him but manik has come to know about nandini's pain now only, so, he need some time to be strong so that he can heal nandini.)

N: Oh.. Okay... (Though nandini was sad but she knew that it's good for her if they are going now because she knew that she can cry anytime.) (Manik wanted to talk to chachi and navya, so, he made an excuse to send nandini away from there.)

M: Vo angel, mere car ki keys shayad andar dining table par reh gayi hai, tum la dogi?

N: Haan.. abhi layi.. (Nandini went from there and manik immediately turned towards chachi.)

M: Chachi, kal puja kitne baje hai?

CHACHI: Subah 8 baje.

M: Thk hai. Hum sab tab tak yahan aa jayenge. (He turned towards Navya.) Navya, kya tum mere liye ek kaam karogi?

NA: Haan, bolo manik? (He asked her softly.)

M: Kya tum aj raat yahan angel ke paas ruk jayogi? Main nhi chahta ki vo aj ki raat akeli rahe. (Navya became worried because she knew she won't be able to handle nandini because she can't see her in pain.)

NA: Nhi manik.. Please.. humse ye nhi hoga. Hum nandini ko uss haalat mein nhi dekh payenge. Hum khud ko toh sambhal nhi pa rahe hain, usse kaise sambhalenge. Please.. humse ye nhi hoga. (Navya's eyes became moist.)

M: I request you navya.. Please, mana mat karo. Agar tum uske saath rahogi, toh vo nhi royegi aur main chahta hoon ki jab vo roye, tab main uske saath hoyun usse sambhalne ke liye lekin abhi usse sambhalne se pehle mujhe khud ko sambhalna bhut zaruri hai. (Manik's eyes became moist.) Agar main abhi khud nhi sambhala toh main angel ko nhi sambhaal payunga. Main uske saamne kamzor nhi padna chahta. Main uski taakat banna chahta hoon, kamzori nhi. Please navya, sirf aj ki raat uske saath ruk jao. Please, meri baat maan jao. I promise tum badle mein mujhse jo mangogi, main tumhe dunga. Please, itna sa ehsaan kar do mujh par, main tumhare aage haath jodta hoon. Please navya... (Manik folded his hands in front of navya with some unshed tears in his eyes remembering nandini's pain. Yes, The Manik Malhotra jisne kabhi bhagwaan ke aage bhi haath nhi jode, vo aj ek common ladki ke aage haath jode khada tha aur vo bhi vo ladki, jisse kabhi fab5 ne bully kiya tha. It's the love of nandini that he is ready to do anything for nandini's happiness even if to bow down in front of anybody. His ego, his attitude has no meaning for him when it comes to nandini's happiness. He can do anything to see his love, his nandini happy.) (Navya immediately holded his hand.)

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