Chapter 12-5

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They all were standing in the corridor and smiling.

C: Manik, vaise plan kya h uss professor ke liye?

M: Plan m tumhe batata hoon staff room ki taraf chalte-chalte. Abhi hamein jaldi chalna chahiye. Angel ka abhi lecture chal raha h aur vo class mein busy h, uski class khatam hone se pehle-pehle hamein uss professor ko punish karna h taki vo fir kabhi angel ko daantne ke bare mein soche bhi na.. aur angel ko bhi pata na chale ki hamnein professor ko bully kia. So, abhi hamein chalna chahiye, hamare paas time kam h. Angel ki class over hone se pehle-pehle hamein ye karna hoga. (Both agreed to him and they started moving towards the staff-room and on the way, manik told them his plan. In all this, cabir was busy in his phone and manik became frustrated and asked him.)

M: Cabir, m yahan plan discuss kar raha hoon aur tu phone mein busy h? Aisa kya important kaam kar raha h tu phone mein?

C: Oye, main hamare plan ko execute karne ki hi preparation kar raha hoon.

M: Acha, aisi kya preparation kar raha h tu phone mein?

C: Bhul gaya, hamein sab record bhi toh karna h jo hum uss professor ke saath karenge and fir usse upload bhi toh karna h?

M: Nhi cabir, I don't think so it's a good idea. We are doing all this only to punish him so that he will never even dare to speak with nandini in that harsh way like he did today. Aur vaise bhi, agar tu video upload karega apne page par toh sabko pata chal jayega ki ye fab5 ka kaam h aur jab ye baat nandini ko pata chalegi ki hamnein professor ko bully kia h, toh usse bura lagega. So, I think it's a bad idea.

C: Manik, itna mera bhi dimag kaam karta h. Maine ek new id banai h jahan se hum wo video post karenge on a secret name. Kisi ko pata nhi chalega ki ye fab5 ka kaam h.

M: Cabir, teri vo baat sahi h par pura college janta h ki is college mein hamare ilawa aur koi bully nhi karta h, so, at last they will come to know about it. Aur agar nandini ne vo video dekh li, toh u know na vo khud ko responsible maanegi aur usse vo bhut hurt hogi, jo m nhi chahta.

C: Manik chill kar. Haan, college mein sab jante hain ki sirf fab5 hi bully karta h lekin vo ye bhi jante hain ki fab5 ne aj tak kabhi kisi teacher ko bully nhi kia h, so, they may doubt us for once but will never dare to take our name because they will not be sure of us and moreover, they are still scared of us.

MU: Haan manik, aur rahi baat chotti ki, toh usse pata nhi chalega because itne dino mein m ye jaan chuki hoon uske bare mein ki vo mobile vagarah kam use karti h aur ye video uss tak nhi pahunchegi aur agar pahunchi bhi toh I am sure, vo video nhi dekhegi because usse in sab cheezon ka shownk nhi h.

M: Are you guys sure? Matlab..

MU: Manik, please haan kar de na? Hum pehli baar kisi professor ko bully karne wale hain, so, it has to be epic. Please recording karne de? Please?

M: Acha, acha okay. U guys do recording par uss video ko upload karna h ya nhi, vo hum baad mein sochenge. Thk h? (They both nodded their head.) Acha guys, ab hamein chalna chahiye. We have just 25 minutes left with us. (They were going to enter in the staffroom, but they saw many teachers present there. So, they were in a fix how to call that professor out but to their good luck and professor's bad luck,  professor himself came out. He was going to meet principal sir as he was scared that fab5 may will bully him now, so, he was going to take half-day from the principal, but on his way, fab5 pushed him into washroom and before he can speak or see their faces, they tied his mouth and eyes with a handkerchief and then, tied his hands and legs with the rope. Then, they arranged the camera there. They came out of washroom and put a board there that washroom needs repair so that no one will enter it. As lecture is going on, so, very few students were present there.)

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