Chapter 11-1

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Hey guys, just an information. This chapter contains that prologue part but it hasn't been copied exactly. I have made some required changes in the chapter which were required according to the story.

The story continues.......

Manik was sitting in his car. He was all nervous that how he will talk to fab5. He closed his eyes and he saw nandini's smiling face and his lips instantly curved into a big smile. He opened his eyes and the smile was not leaving his lips because now he got courage because nandini is his strength. Her one smile is enough to make him smile and gave him his much needed strength. He can face the whole world with all his strength to keep nandini happy always.

He got off the car and entered college. All college students and staff were shocked to see manik smiling to his fullest. They have seen him smiling earlier also but only when he was with fab5 and also, he doesn't smile this much earlier but today he was walking alone in the college and he was smiling to his fullest. They don't know that manik is smiling to his fullest because he was very happy today. He wasn't this much happy earlier ever and all his happiness, his smile is because of nandini only. While walking, a boy bumped into manik and the whole college is like ki ab toh ye ladka gaya and even that boy was scared because all were well aware of manik's anger and also of fab5 tortures but to their utter shock manik held the boy saving him from falling down and asking him whether he is fine or not. And all the persons present in the college have their eyes wide open and face hung wide, they weren't able to believe their eyes and ears that they were seeing a concerned manik in front of them and manik was actually asking about that boy safety. They all were shocked because fab5 are known for their rudeness, even the one who ever by mistake cross their path with them, fab5 used to bully them to no extent and today the boy bumped in manik and inspite of getting angry, he was all nice with him. But they don't know that this is new manik in front of them whom nandini have changed completely. All college was in total shock. Even that boy was in complete shock, then, manik asked him again and out of shock, he only nodded his head. Manik asked him to take care and he went from there to jam room. Here, all the college was not able to come out of what happened few minutes ago. They were asking each other whether that all happened for real or they were seeing some dream? They couldn't believe at all what they saw.


(Manik entered the jam room and his friends were shocked to see him smiling as they thought him to be in a very bad monstrous mood after what happened last night. They knew that no one can calm his anger except he himself and him being smiling to his fullest was a rare sight to see. Dhruv was totally confused. Mukti had an idea that how it would have been happened, now, she was totally sure about manik's feelings towards nandini and she thought that now it's high time to talk to manik only. On the other hand, cabir was very happy because he knew that all that was because of nandini and infact, somewhere he was also surprised that nandini was able to calm him down so easily which no one was able to do. No doubt, earlier manik used to calm down by himself but they haven't seen him smiling this much earlier. But now, manik has nandini with him who is the medicine to all his anger and now cabir has decided to make manik spill out his feelings towards nandini today only. They have decided to talk to manik but they don't know that manik himself was waiting desperately to talk to them.)

M: Hi guys, kaise ho tum sab? (This brought all of them out of their thoughts. They all were going to ask him their respective questions but mukti phone beeped. It was harshad call, so, she excused herself and went outside. At the same time, dhruv phone also ringed, it was his mother call, so, he also went out to take the call. Now, only cabir and manik are left. Now, cabir wanted all his answers.)

M: Haan cabir, kaisa h tu?

C: M toh thk hoon. Par tujhe kya hua? (Manik become confused.)

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