Chapter- 13-3

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Okay, so many of you wanted short updates and some also asked for long updates.. I can't satisfy both at the same time.. so, I have decided that you will be getting short updates but the length of the updates will be between 1500-2500 words.. so, I think they are not too short...


REQUEST: I request you guys to please go through last chapter once.. so that you will be able to link yourself to this chapter comfortably..

RECAP: In last chapter, you have read that manik made nandini understand about the importance of each and every person in her life and tried to take away her pain.. Nandini realised her mistake that she was wrong to distant themselves from them and hide her pain from her own family. And all others also came there and chachi spoke that manik is right and nandini's happiness matters everything to them.

The chapter starts from here:

(Nandini ran towards chachi and hugged her tightly. Manik wiped his tears seeing all of them present there. Chachi hugged nandini back and nandini spoke cryingly in the hug.)

N: Chachi, i am very sorry... Please mujhe maaf kar do.. I am sorry.. Mujhe laga ki mujhe dard mein dekh kar ap sab ko bhi dard hoga aur main apko takleef mein nhi dekhna chahti thi.. bas isiliye, apna dard kisi se nhi baanta.. I am sorry.. (Chachi caressed her hairs.)

CHACHI: Bas.. shh.. shh.. nandu... bas..

N: I am sorry chachi.. Main toh ap sab ko khush dekhna chahti thi par samajh hi nhi payi ki apko khush dekhne ke chakkar mein apna dard chupa kar apko aur bhi dard de rahi hoon.. i am sorry... (Chachi broke the hug and wiped her tears and cupped her cheeks and spoke.)

CHACHI: Beta, hamari khushi tumse hai. Agar hamare bacche khush hain, toh hi hum khush hain. Hamari khushi ki vajah tu hai, agar tu khush hai toh hum sab bhi khush hain. (Nandini hugged her again and spoke.)

N: I am sorry chachi.. please apni nandu ko maaf kar do.. (Chacha came towards them and caressed nandini's hair. Nandini broke the hug with chachi, looked towards chacha with tears in her eyes and hugged him.)

N: I am sorry chacha please mujhe maaf kar do.. I am so sorry.. Main bhut buri hoon jo maine apko tang kiya.. I am sorry...

CHACHA: Nhi meri bacchi.. tu toh sabse achi hai. Meri beti bilkul buri nhi hai... Aur rahi baat mujhe tang karne ki toh meri bacchi ko pura haq hai mujhe tang karne ka.. uska haq hai ye. (He broke the hug and cupped her face and spoke.) Tujhe jitna tang karna hai na, tu hamein kar, hamein bilkul bura nhi lagega. Tu tang kar hamein lekin positive way mein.. hamare saamne apni demands rakh ke, apni wishes rakh ke.. na ki apna dard chupake... Hum hain yahan tera dard baantne ke liye, teri saari baatein sunn ne ke liye.. Fir aisa kabhi mat karna.. (Nandini smiled and nodded her head.)

CHACHI: Haan nandu, teri hansi se hi toh hamare ghar mein raunak bani rehti hai.. Please fir kabhi aisa mat karna... (Nandini hugged both of them together and spoke.)

N: I am sorry.. Please apni beti ko maaf kar do.. i am so sorry..

CHACHI & CHACHA: Bas... shh.. shh.. bas... (Both rubbed her back and asked her to calm down. They broke the hug. They wiped her tears and nandini did the same with them. Then, nandini moved towards rishabh.)

R: Didi... (Nandini immediately hugged rishabh and spoke.)

N: I am so sorry rishu.. please apni didi ko maaf kar de.. I am sorry... Main amma-appa ki kami puri karne ke chaakar mein ye bhul hi gayi ki tujhe ek behen ki bhi zarurat hai... I am sorry.. Please.. mujhe maaf kar de...

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