Chapter 18-4

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Okay.. so here you go with the update and Manik reply to the promo part will show you how much strong Manik's love is for his Nandini. 



(Cabir and Mukti tried making dhruv understand that all that was not manik fault and all were waiting for dhruv's reaction when dhruv sighed and said.)

D: I know guys.. I know ki iss sab mein manik ki koi galti nhi hai.. (Manik looked towards dhruv in shock and spoke shockingly.)

M: Dhruv..? (Dhruv smiled faintly and spoke in guilt and apologised to him.)

D: Haan.. I know it's not your fault.. pyaar toh bas ho jata hai.. jo tujhe nandini se huya.. par kya karun.. itna sab pata nhi kab se apne dil mein dabakar baitha tha.. aur aj jab ye sab huya I lost my control and blasted on you.. main nhi chahta tha ki ye sab baatein tujhe aise pata chalein.. infact main chahta hi nhi tha ki ye sab tujhe kabhi pata bhi chale.. par kya karun.. hoon toh main bhi ek insaan hi na.. aur kitni der apne dard ko apne ander samet kar rakhta.. har pal mar raha tha aur ab jab tu saamne tha aur tune sab pucha.. toh vo sab meri aankhon ke saamne rewind ho gaya aur jo gussa.. jo dard mere andar bhara huya tha.. vo sab bahar aa gaya.. I am sorry manik.. I am really sorry buddy.. main tujhe hurt nhi karna chahta tha.. par.. (Manik nodded his head in no and spoke dejectedly.)

M: Tu kyun sorry bol raha hai dhruv? Sorry toh mujhe bolna chahiye.. sab meri wajah se hi toh huya hai.. iss sabka gunehgaar main hi toh hoon.. I am sorry.. (Dhruv spoke cutting him in between.)

D: Nhi manik.. jo hona tha ho gaya..Bhul ja sab.. (Manik wanted to run from there and cry and blame himself as he don't want to be weak in front of his friends. A lot is going on in his mind and heart. But he knows that this is now or never.. as he wanted all the secrets to come out.. so he asked them.)

M: Guys.. agar kisi aur ka koi aur secret bhi hai.. toh just say it today.. Jo hai vo aj sabke saamne aa jane do.. Meri life ka tum log jante hi ho about my parents and all.. Aur angel ke bare mein bhi tum logon ko sab pata hai.. Aur kuch nhi hai mera paas tumhe batane ko.. Ab tumhari baari.. (All realised that it's time and moreover.. they are friends.. so nothing should be hidden among them.. Dhruv spoke firstly.)

D: Mere paas bhi aur kuch nhi hai... bas ek yahi tha.. (Now.. it was cabir's turn.)

C:  Guys.. I want to confess.. actually main aur navya... we like each other.. we have decided to give each other a chance.. (All smiled listening to him. Manik smiled for his friend and spoke.)

M: Ye toh bhut achi baat hai.. All the best..

MU: Haan.. Navya is a nice girl.. (Cabir smiled faintly and spoke stammeringly as he knows that his next secret will came as a shock for everyone especially manik.)

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