Chapter 19-3

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Okay.. first of all sorry for being late.. Actually my exams got over on 27th.. and I came back on 28th.. but the worst mistake I did was to open instagram and twitter.. Damn.. I thought ki last year at this time we were so happy.. as we got KYY3.. No, I am not expecting for KYY4 this soon.. as parth doing Ekta mam show.. so he must have signed the contract and knowing Ekta mam's show.. so, he must be bounded for atleast 2 years.. but frankly speaking when I opened my instagram account after almost 1.5 month, I haven't thought to come across so much negativity.. And damn.. it was full of negativity.. both for parth and niti.. not knowing what they are actually doing.. especially parth.. just hoping he knows what he is doing.. So, all this finally let me to uninstall instagram and twitter so as to be away from all the negativity.. I have wished to give update on new years but all that offline drama took me almost 3 days to gather myself and be able to frame my mind to come up and write something..

Praying this year to be good for both parth and niti.. and they get whatever they wish for.. So, not spreading much negativity on the starting of the year.. here, is the update..

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I request you guys to please read last 2-3 chapters so as to be able to link yourself with the story.. even I myself have to go through last chapters so as to be able to write it...

And yes i have written after a long time.. hope you like the update..


(After an hour, nandini woke up and saw manik snuggling in her chest like a small baby who snuggle in his mumma. She lovingly pecked his forehead making manik smile in sleep. She slowly made him lay on the bed and got up. Before she could move further, she saw him frowning losing her warmth. She immediately sat beside manik and started caressing his forehead making him smile. She knows he can feel her even in his sleep and will wake up if she go from there. She took her scarf off her neck and took a pillow and spread the scarf on it and made manik hold the pillow. Manik felt nandnini's fragrance and immediately snuggle in the pillow thinking it to be nandini. Nandini chuckled seeing his antics. She again pecked his forehead and then went to washroom to freshen up and then she went downstairs.)



(Nandini was making something in the kitchen when two hands crawled on her waist. First, she flinched but then after a second realizing that it's manik.. she calmed down. Manik back-hugged her and then keeping his head on her shoulder started snuggling in her hairs. Being in the same position, nandini holded his hand on her waist and started lovingly caressing his hairs and spoke lovingly.)

N: Arey, uth gaya mera baby.. Vo bhi itni jaldi.. (Manik spoke babyishly with fully sleepy mood tightening his hold on nandini.)

M: Yesh mumma.. Vo ap mere saath nhi the bed pe.. toh meri neend khul gayi.. (Nandini spoke.)

N: Liar.. Mujhe aye huye 1 ghanta ho gaya hai aur tum ab aye ho.. (Manik made a cute pout and spoke.)

M: Arey.. main jhuth nhi bol raha hoon.. Iss mein tumne cheating ki.. (Nandini asked being shocked.)

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