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Chapter 10-2

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MaNan were getting comfortable with each other. Love was blooming with every passing second. Both were getting close to each other emotionally which is very much required in every relationship. For them, love is trust and they both trust each other more than they trust themselves or anyone else. This is MaNan love where they both are destined to be together.

Nandini got ready and decided to cook food for manik as she wanted to make manik feel special and happy. She went to the kitchen and all the butlers were shocked to see her there as no one has ever entered the kitchen except them, even manik has entered the kitchen yesterday for the first time. So, they were surprised to see any friend of manik in the kitchen. Nandini greeted all of them politely and all were very happy and greeted her back with the same politeness. Then, nandini started to talk to kaka about manik tastes and preferences.

N: Kaka, manik ko khane mein kya pasand h? (Though he was surprised as someone was asking about manik's choice for the first time but he replied her politely.)

K: Baba ko butter chicken kafi pasand h.

N: Aiyappa, m ab kya karun? Kaka, koi veg dish h jo manik ki favorite ho?

K: Haan, baba ko aloo ke paranthe pasand h.

N: Done. Toh aj m vahi banayungi. Kaka ap please mujhe saari cheezein bata dijiye kahan rakhi hain? (It would be an understatement to say that kaka was shocked after listening to it because none of manik's friends ever fill glass of water for themselves and cooking something is totally out of their reach and here, nandini is asking to cook for manik. He was shocked, but he composed himself.)

K: Nhi bitiya, hum bana denge. Ap rest kijiye. Hum kar lenge.

N: Nhi kaka, m bana lungi. Ap bas ye bata dijiye ki cheezein kahan padi h?

K: Nhi bitiya, hum bana denge. Hamara toh kaam h ye. Ap kyun taklif le rahi hain?

N: Kaka, isme taklif kaisi? M manik ke liye khana banana chahti hoon bas, isme taklif ki koi baat nhi h. Aur vaise bhi ap mujhse bade hain, mere hote hue ap kaam karenge, toh mujhe acha nhi lagega. Abhi mujhe karne dijiye, ap baad mein bana lena. Please. (Kaka felt very happy seeing her giving so much respect to him and blessed her in his mind, but still he was hesitant to let her cook food as manik might got angry on him.)

K: Bitiya, ap rehne dijiye. M kar lunga. Ap bas bataiye, kya banana h?

N: Nhi kaka, m khud manik ke liye breakfast banana chahti hoon.

K: Bitiya, agar baba ko pata chala ki hamare hote hue apne kaam kiya h, toh vo hum pe gussa ho jayenge.

N: Arey, ap tension mat lijiye, manik kuch nhi kahega. M hoon na.

K: Par bitiya?

N: Please kaka?(Now he can't say no to her as she was pleading so much, so, he agreed.)

K: Acha, thk h bitiya.

N: Thanku kaka. (Nandini asked kaka that she will take the ingredients, he just told her all and she took it. Then, she started preparing aloo ka parantha and tea for manik.)

Meanwhile, manik came from the washroom and got ready in the clothes selected by nandini. He was beyond happy as firstly, nandini is with him, secondly, he was rid of all the pain, all the guilt and thirdly, for the first time someone is doing anything for his happiness. He got dressed and smile is not leaving his lips at all. He got ready and went downstairs to see for nandini. Their love was so strong that not for once he got panic not seeing nandini in his room because he trusts her alot and knew that she will not leave him ever and she must be downstairs doing something for his happiness only. He came downstairs and asked one of the servants about nandini. Firstly, servant was shocked as manik was smiling and talking with him politely but he soon composed himself and told him that nandini was in the kitchen. Manik went to the kitchen and what he saw made him so happy and happy tears weld up in his eyes seeing the scene in front of him. Nandini was preparing breakfast for him. His trust was right that nandini must be doing something for his happiness only and this thought made him so happy that he can't explain it in words. He shed some happy tears and before nandini could see it, he wiped his tears and move forward towards her with a bright smile.

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