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MANIK MALHOTRA : Hot and handsome guy and rich at the same time. Lead singer of Fab 5. Age 22 years . 

NANDINI MURTHY : A cute girl , belongs to a middle class family. Loves her family to the core . Age 20 years.

CABIR DHAWAN :  Soul brother of manik, knows him in and out. Drummer in Fab 5. Age 22 years.

MUKTI VARDHAN : A tom boy by nature. Electric guitarist of fab 5. Age 21 years.

ALIA SAXENA : A fashion diva. Keyboard player of Fab 5. Age 21 years.

DHRUV VEDANT : A shy boy. Guitarist of Fab 5. Age 21 years.

NAVYA NAVELI : An ambitious girl came from patna to fulfill her dream. Age 20 years.

HARSHAD SAXENA :Brother of Alia. Hates Manik to the core. Age 22 years.

NYONIKA MALHOTRA : Mother of Manik. She is a greedy woman and have give and take relationship with Manik.

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