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Firstly, Thanku so much for all your love and supprt. It really means alot to me. I am really blessed to have such an amazing readers who have now become a part of my family. Thanks a ton guys.

Secondly, I wanted to write a PaNi story, but the problem is i don't know anything about them i.e. how they met, how their story started, the problems they faced etc. etc.. So, if you guys want me to write a story on them, so, you have to help me. You can message me and tell me whatever you know about them, every minute detail i need for it. So, if u want , u have to message me, only then i will be able to write and decide whether it will be an os, ts, ss or ff. It all depends on the material provided by you. You can inform me till 28th dec.

Thirdly, I need your help for manan grand proposal. It will be after some 6-7 updates and it will also be the end of the story. Yes, you read it right, the story is gonna end soon and i wanted to end it by manan proposal, so, i wanted your help in it. You have to tell me whatever you want in their proposal, any specific line, any specific thing, any specific gift, etc.. whatever you guys wish for. That whole update will be your thoughts, i am just gonna write it in my words. So, you have to message me about that till 25th dec. If you don't message me, then, i am sorry to say, then that proposal will be a very simple one which you might not like, so, please help me guys, if not for me, then, for your love towards this story and more importantly, your love towards manan. 

Okay, so, bye bye and once again, thanks a ton and love you loads :-) :-)

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