Chapter 18-3

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(After manik, cabir and mukti went from there, Harshad turned to nandini and asked her smirkingly.)

H: Haan.. ab bolo.. kya plan hai manik ki happiness ke liye? (Nandini became shocked listening to that but then composed herself and spoke.)

N: Pl.. plan? Kya plan? (Harshad smiled and spoke.)

H: I know ki tumhe apni kisi friend se nhi milna.. It was just an excuse.. (Nandini asked like an innocent kid.) 

N: Ye kya bol rahe ho? (Harshad called her in a final tone.)

H: Nandini? (Nandini whined like a child and spoke.)

N: Kya yr.. This is so wrong.. Main kuch bhi kar loon.. har baar tum mein se kisi na kisi ko pata lag jata hai especially Mani ko toh humesha hi.. I thought iss baar usse pata nhi chala toh matlab tum mein se kisi ko bhi pata nhi chala hoga... Par nhi.. How bad actor i am.. Ab batao how you come to know that? (Harshad smiled and spoke.)

H: Itna toh janta hoon tumhe ki tum manik ko aisi haalat mein akela nhi chodogi jab vo itna tensed aur worried hai. Jiss waqt usse sabse zyada tumhari aur tumhaare saath ki, tumhare support ki zarurat hai uss waqt tum usse kisi bhi reason ki wajah se akela nhi chodogi because manik comes first in your priority list.. Aur jab manik tumhe khud keh raha hai saath aane ke liye tab toh bilkul bhi tum uske bina nhi rukogi... Vo uss waqt tensed tha isliye vo samajh nhi paya otherwise manik knows you the best.. so.. I know agar manik ke kehne ke bawjud bhi tum yahan ruki ho toh uska reason manik ki happiness se hi juda hoga.. Am I right or am I right? (Navya also realised it and spoke.)

NA: Haan.. nandini bolo.. (Nandini sighed in disbelief and spoke.)

N: Ab tumse kya chupana.. Yes Harshad.. you are absolutely right.. 

N: Dhruv ke liye vo sab honge vahan.. and I know manik needs me the most at this time par jo mujhe karna hai vo manik ke liye.. uski happiness ke liye hi karna hai.. aur mujhe ye mauka dobara nhi milta.. isliye na chahte huye bhi mujhe yahan rukna pada aur manik ko akele bhejna pada..

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