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Chapter 7

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A new day with a fresher's party. The day which will make people realise of their true feelings. 


All the day went in preparation of the fresher's party and its evening by now. ( Fab 5 , navya and nandini spend their day in talking with cabir teasing manan, manan's eye-lock, cabir and navya watching their reaction, laughing, having fun etc. and then, they all went home to get ready for the party.)

N: Aiyappa, abhi tak koi aaya kyun nhi? (She was looking here and there to search for some known face.)

NA: Hello nandini, u look beautiful.. (Nandini is wearing a red colour gown and she is really looking like an angel.)  

N: Thanks navu, u are also looking beautiful. 

(Now, Fab 5 also come and went to them. As soon as manik and nandini see each other, they got lost in each other, but mukti's words broke their trance.)

MU: Chotti, u are looking beautiful. u are looking like an angel. (With this she hugged her tightly.)

N: Thanks muku. infact, u are looking very pretty.

MU: Thanks chotti. 

C: Sach mein doll... u are seriously looking very beautiful, u are looking like a doll who came into life. (and he side- hugged her)

N: Thanks cabir bhai. U are also looking very handsome and dashing. 

C: Thanku doll. (manik was grinning widely by listening that everyone is praising nandini and feel proud of her.)

D: Sach mein nandini, u are looking beautiful.( and he hugged nandini but manik didn't like it. He felt a tinge of jealousy from his own buddy but then, he chuck it.)

N: Thanks dhruv. u are also looking handsome.

D: Thanku.

(Cabir decided to tease manan)

C: Manik tu bhi toh bol, nandini acchi lag rahi h na? Tu bhi toh usse compliment de?

MU: Haan manik, bol na, chotti achi lag rhi h na?

(Even manik also wanted to coompliment nandini and nandini also wanted to hear from manik. So, manik taking this as a chance complimented her.)

M: Ya nandini, u are looking extremely beautiful (just like a princess). (He said these last words in a low tone but cabir heard it and he felt really happy.) (and manik was smiling whole-heartedly while saying this and nandini blushed by hearing it.)

N: Thanku so much manik. U are also looking handsome. (Nandini said this with a sweet smile and a little blush and manik smiled to his fullest by hearing this and seeing her blushing face and sweet smile and they share an eye-lock but cabir broke it.)( cabir and navya both were happy on seeing manan's reaction and now are more sure for their plan but they don't want any other to know about it now.)

C: Vaise, mukti tujhe kya hua? Today, u are looking like a girl. Yeh lady bheem ek beautiful girl mein kaise change ho gai?

MU: Thanku cabir for the compliment. Par ye sab chotti ki wajah se. She asked me to wear this and i wasn't able to say no to her. Vaise, thanks chotti. I am really loving this change.

N: Ur welcome muku and seriously, u are looking beautiful in this dress. (Manik is feeling proud of nandini, that Fab 5 who doesn't even let anyone come near them and now their whole world revolves around nandini and they are damn happy with her.)

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