Chapter 11-2

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Manik and Cabir were standing shocked there. They don't know what to do. Mukti was standing there with a very serious expression and dhruv he was wandering only in his thoughts. Somehow, manik got his senses back. Only the thought of losing nandini scared the hell out of him, so, he got his sense to make mukti understand and also to know that why she is rejecting him for nandini. (In this whole scenario, manik not for once thought that may be mukti rejected nandini because he knew that it can't be possible because nandini is perfect for him and moreover, mukti loves nandini alot. So, he was sure that mukti rejected him for nandini. So, he asked mukti calmly because he doesn't want to deteriorate the situation by loosing his calm because he can't afford to loose nandini.)

M: Mukti, ye tu kya bol rahi h? M kyun nandini se pyaar nhi kar sakta?

MU: Kyunki, tu nhi kar sakta. M aisa kuch hone nhi dungi jisse nandini hurt ho. Nandini ki khushi ke liye m tujhse bhi ladh lungi.

M: Par mukti, m nandini ko hurt kyun karunga? M usse pyaar karta hoon, m usse apne nightmare mein bhi hurt nhi kar sakta. Tu mujhe janti h ki m nandini ko kabhi hurt nhi karunga aur usse hamesha khush rakhunga.

MU: M tujhe janti hoon manik aur ye bhi janti hoon ki tu kabhi kisi ko jaan bujh kar hurt nhi karega. Par jo tu keh raha h, usse aj nhi toh kal nandini hurt hogi jo m bilkul bhi bardasht nhi kar sakti. Mere liye uski khushi se badhkar aur kuch nhi h, tu bhi nhi.

M: Mukti, tu samajh kyun nhi rahi h? M nandini se pyaar karta hoon aur...

MU: Arey, nhi karta tu nandini se pyaar. (This came as a shock to manik, he lost his balance but somehow steadied himself. Now, he lost his calm too because mukti has questioned his true love for nandini.)

M: Mukti, tu hosh mein bhi h? Tujhe idea bhi h ki tu kya bol rahi h?

MU: Haan, m janti hoon ki m kya bol rahi hoon. Par shayad tu nhi janta ki tu kya bol raha h?

M: M bhut ache se janta hoon ki m kya bol raha hoon aur m jo bol raha hoon dil se bol raha hoon aur ye hi sach h. I love nandini.

MU: Manik, ye pyaar nhi sirf attraction h aur tere is attraction ke chakkar mein m meri chotti ko hurt hone nhi dungi.

M: Kya hurt-hurt laga rakha h? Bhala, m nandini ko hurt kyun karunga? Aur rahi baat attraction ki, toh aisa kuch nhi h. M nandini se pyaar karta hoon.. saccha pyaar.. apni jaan se zyada pyaar karta hoon nandini se.

MU: Acha, toh vo kya tha jo tu alia se karta tha?

M: Vo sirf attraction thi mukti. M alia ko like karta tha aur usse pyaar ka naam de baitha. Maine kabhi alia se pyaar nhi kiya. (Manik in anger spoke the reality of his life but he doesn't know that what impact it will have on dhruv and mukti. Dhruv felt like his whole world came crashing down, he doesn't know what to do, what to say to manik and mukti on the other hand, doesn't know how to react. Though she somewhere knew that manik never loved Alia but because of one incident, she felt that manik loved her. Mukti was in love with harshad, so, she was able to find out that manik never loved Alia but still she wasn't ever able to believe it because her friends were happy together which matters the most to her and moreover, because of this thing, she has broken up with harshad, so, she wasn't able to believe this harsh reality. Now, manik came to his senses that what he spoke. Though he wanted it to speak it to them but not like this way. He wanted to make them understand calmly but he messes it up all and cabir doesn't know what to say because he was totally confused that why mukti is rejecting manik and nandini relation at the first place. Mukti came out of her thoughts and asked manik in a bit unsure way.)

MU: Kya? Kya kaha tune? (Manik took a deep breath by closing his eyes to control the mess which he has created. After few seconds, he opened his eyes and speak calmly to mukti this time.)

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