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Hi beautiful friends.....

No no.. i am not your writer.. Myself samridhi... I am your writer's friend..

You might be thinking why i am here.. i'll tell you... Vaise sach kahun i was going to name this part as discontinuing/ unpublishing or something.. But your writer strictly told me not to do that because she loves you alot and doesn't want you to get a sort of a mini-shock by reading the title.. so, i have to oblige with her.. varna she would have kill me for stressing her she loves you all alot.. she is like that only.. a sweetheart.. Okay now let me come to the point because my bak-bak will go on and on and only she is the only who can handle my non-stop bak bak.. and only she knows.. how she tolerate me... hehehe..


Firstly, she has asked me to edit the chapters of the other three stories as you know.. she was quite busy but yesterday only.. one of the writers has asked her not to publish their stories here because they don't want their stories to be on wattpad.. they wanted it on india forums only.. and i talked to her about that.. so she asked me to unpublish all the three stories.. she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.. those are not her stories, so , she has no right on them.. so she has apologised for hurting their feelings.. if she does anyhow.. so, yes.. i am going to unpublish those stories by tonight.. And.. she has asked to apologise to all the readers of those stores for hurting you too by unpublishing them.. and she has thanked each one of you for supporting those stories and appreciating it.. She has also asked you to please go and read those stories on india-forums and love them and appreciate the real writers.. :-) Thanku once again from her side.. :-)

Secondly, to all the readers of this story.. MaNan: Can I Love Her?  Yr.. my god.. you have always supported her and loved her work.. She truly felt blessed having you as her readers.. She has made some amazing friends here and she wanted to thank each one of you for always being there with her.. She wanted me to thank each and everyone of you but when i saw the number of those who supported her and commented.. my goodness.. it was a long list.. which i can't write as may be i forgot someone.. so, i am avoiding it.. but yes.. thanku to each and every person who always supported her.. loved her work and appreciated it.. I definitely tell you that after reading your comments.. a beautiful smile always adorned her lips.. and she felt really blessed to have you guys.. 

   As you all know she is hell busy because of her office work.. but that's not all.. other than that.. she have many things going on in her life right now.. She is very stressed and distracted now.. And it's not my right to tell you those reasons.. infact, i myself don't know the exact reason.. she is like that only.. she doesn't share when it comes to her feelings and stress but is always there to take away my stress.. Chalo.. ye toh hota rehta hai.. so, the point is.. she doesn't know when she will be back.. infact, she was going offline for few months and she has already gone offline from various sites... that's why she isn't there today to tell you guys herself.. So, she is not going to continue this story for sometime.. She is not dis-continuing it.. It's just that.. she is stressed and busy alot to continue it.. She will definitely complete it whenever she can.. it may took one month, two month or may be more.. she doesn't know..

She has apologised to each one of you for taking such decision but believe me, when i say this.. alot is going on in her life.. she doesn't wanted to take such a decision but she has no other option. So, sorry from her side and thanku so much for always supporting her.. Hope she will get back soon.. But she has promised that she will definitely complete this story.. whenever she can.. Once again sorry and thanku from her side... :-) You have always supported her.. support her now too.. loads of love from her and my side.. :-) :-)

She will miss each one of you alot..

Thanks a ton guys..  :-)

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