Chapter 12-7

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(Nandini very well knew that Manik is hell angry and he will definitely not listen to her that easily and she also knew that she was at fault, so, they all have right to get angry. She knew that manik will not listen to her now.. so, she thought to first apologize to her brother and sister.)

N: Sorry cabir bhai... Sorry muku.. Mera vo matlab nhi tha. Maine gusse mein vo bol diya. Please, mujhe maaf kar dijiye... Please.... (She hold her ears and made a cute sorry pout. Cabir and Mukti melted seeing it. Even Manik also saw it and he also melted and then immediately, he remembered what she said sometimes back and then again he got scared and became angry and turned his face to the other side because he surely knew that her cute face will definitely melt him which he didn't want to happen. But cabir and mukti melted. Mukti hods her hand and free her ears and then, cupped her face.)

MU: Chotti, baat maafi ki nhi h.. baat h ki jo tune bola.. Haan, maana ki tune jo bhi bola gusse mein bola par tune jo bola vo galat tha.. Chotti, tujhe kya lagta h ki m tujhe chotti sirf isliye bulati hoon because tu chotti h mujhse. Nhi, bilkul bhi nhi.. When i say you chotti, i truly mean it. For me, you are my small sweet cute little sister whom i wanted to protect always, whom i wanted to see happy always, whom i wanted to keep smiling always. Tujh mein jaan basti h meri, teri khushi se badhkar kuch nhi h mere liye, kuch bhi nhi... Aur ye tu bhi jaanti h ki what you mean to me, fir bhi tune vo bola.. U very well know that u are full family to me. Yes, i have mom and dad but they are just for name-sake. Then, I have fab5 with me who are like a family to me.. Par pata h inn sabke hote hue bhi, there was some emptiness in me aur uss kami ko tune pura kar diya.. Family kya hoti h, care karna kya hota h, pyaar kya hota h.. ye sab tune mujhe sikhaya. Mujhe toh pata hi nhi tha ki mujh mein ek caring and loving ladki chupi hui h, mujhe tune uss real mukti se milwaya.. mujhe lady bheem se ek sweet and loving mukti banaya jo apni iss chotti sister se bhut zyada pyaar karti h, apni jaan se bhi zyada.. Agar teri khushi ke liye mujhe fab5 ke kisi bhi member se ladna pade na.. toh bhi m bina kisi second thought ke unse bhi ladh jayungi, toh fir main uss professor ko aise-kaise chod sakti thi.. Tu meri family h, meri puri family bas tujhse h.. tere se zyada important mere liye koi nhi h, koi bhi nhi.. fab5 bhi nhi.

(Nandini has tears in her eyes listening to it. Though she knew that mukti really cares for her, but she never knew that she means so much to mukti that mukti is ready to fight with fab5 even for her. She immediately hugged mukti and she hugged her back. All others were surprised to hear so much emotional talks from mukti because she was never an emotional person or may be she portrayed herself as that. Cabir and Manik were stunned to hear her but they knew that it's nandini's love.. jo kisi murde mein bhi jaan daal de.. toh fir mukti mein emotions jagaana koi mushkil baat nhi h.. They were well aware of nandini's importance in mukti's life as she had already said it to them when manik had confessed his love for nandini in front of mukti, they came to know about it at that time but still hearing her saying such things was a little bit surprising for them as they were never used to it but then, they were well aware of nandini's and mukti's bonding now.) (They both broke the hug and mukti wiped her tears and kissed her forehead and gave her a smile. Nandini smiled widely and felt relieved that finally her muku is not angry on her. Now, she turned towards her cabir bhai.) 

N: Sorry Cabir Bhai.. Please mujhe maaf kar do.. (Cabir looked towards nandini and spoke.)

C: Doll, u don't have to say sorry.. It's just that i got hurt with what you have said earlier.. U know that what you mean to me, fir bhi tumne vo bola.. Yes, i have my parents with me but they are away from me.. My dad he is in army and my mom now lives with my granny in different city.. Yes, my mom loves me alot and i also love her and want her to be always happy and safe but still, i never realised my responsibilities for anyone, not even for my mother. I was always a prankster only who just wanted to enjoy his life to the fullest with his friends, who always feel protective for his friends but he never had that deep urge to protect them, who never used to show his feelings, infact, he never knew that these strong feelings of being protective, caring for someone, loving someone ever existed in him. Lekin, tumne aakar mujhe Cabir, The Prankster se Cabir, The Protective Brother bana diya. When, you used to call me bhai, that mere word hold so much emotions that i felt a strong to urge to protect you always. When i call you doll, then, i really mean it. Tum mere liye ek kaanch ki gudiya jaisi ho, jo bhut hi naazuk h, jisse main hamesha protect karna chahta hoon, jisse main hamesha khush dekhna chahta hoon.. Aur uss professor ki wajah se tu sad hui thi, jo main kabhi bardasht nhi kar sakta, isliye jo hamein thk laga, vo humne kiya. Jiski vajah se meri doll sad hui, usse punish karna zaruri tha aur vahi maine kiya. Tu meri chotti si gudiya h jisse main humesha khush dekhna chahta hoon, protect karna chahta hoon aur agar tujhe protect karne ke liye mujhe kuch bhi karna pade, toh m karunga. Family kya hoti h, kisi ki care karna kya hota h, kisi ko protect karna kya hota h, mujhe nhi pata tha, ye sab tune mujhe sikhaya. Meri puri family tu h ab aur main apni aakhiri saans tak tujhe protect karunga, chahe fir mujhe kisi se bhi kyun na ladhne pade. Teri khushi ke liye mujhe tujhse bhi ladhna pade na.. toh vo bhi m kar lunga. (A wide stream of tears flows from nandini's eyes and thus, cabir went near to her, wiped her tears and kissed her forehead.) 

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