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Okay guys..
Thanku so much for all your love for the story. I really felt blessed..:-)

I don't know if anyone of you noticed it or not but I have started giving you regular updates of this story from the first day of this beautiful Valentine's Week and till today, the fifth day of the week you got the update.. I haven't told this before because I wasn't sure whether I'll be able to give you updates regularly or not. 

I know... I know.. that the week is not over yet.. but the thing is that the next 2 updates of the story is going to be very emotional one, may be more than the recent chapter 12-10 which will definitely make you cry and I don't want you to cry on the ending days of this week which defines love and moreover, I have some family functions to attend next week.. so, there will be no updates for the next 10 days of this story as I will be going to be very busy, but yes I'll definitely try to give you updates but I am not sure about it. Hope you guys understand.

But, don't worry.. I am following this chain of Valentine's week, so I have some surprise kind of thing for all MaNan fans. No, it will not be an update, it will not be having my any kind of hardwork or something. I am just going to post some MaNan moments.

So, i welcome you all to the beautiful moments of MaNan on the end of valentine's Week and yes, next few parts will be solely dedicated to our MaNan (Manik & Nandini) i.e. Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor.

And therefore, i am going to post a pic on each update of this story which i posted in this Valentine's Week now and then i'll give you small-small surprises till Valentine's day. :-) :-)


Okay, i don't know whether you guys are reading a book named Valentine's Week written by NehaSawhney9

If you guys are reading, then it's good and if you guys are not reading then, believe me you guys are missing a very beautiful book on Valentine's. Trust me, when i say this, it's the best book which i have read on Valentine's week till now. 

It is based on our Manan only but in that they are celebrating Valentine's as friends. They do have feelings for each other but they have named it as friendship. They both are each other's reason of existence. Nandini trusts Manik fully and Manik protects Nandini fully. Manik do each and everything to make Nandini feel special. This book is full of innocence, purity, friendship, trust, love. It's beautiful. 

You guys must read it.. You will definitely love it.

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