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Thanku so much guys for giving me so much love and support. I am really thankful to you.

But, i am really sorry. Due to my busy schedule, i can't write the story now. I won't be able to update. I have planned it to be a short story and thought that, i will be able to complete it, but, now i can't.

But, you guys don't worry, because, i don't want to hurt you all and i don't want to make you wait for updates. So, now this story will be continued by my friend rakhi.

And don't worry, she writes beautifully. When i say it, then, i mean it. I have read many manan stories on arrange marriage and her story is one of the best, i have read. 

Her account name is kanwarrakhi and her story name is Mananff: Marriage Vows. She is an outstanding writer. She writes exceptionally good and i know she will write more beautifully than me. I have full faith on her, she will give due justice to the story and continue it in a more better way then, i am supposed to do. 

Thanku so much rakhi for accepting my request and giving due consideration to it.

Please shower her with more love and support.

Once again guys,thanku so much for loving my story so much. Thanku so much. :-) :-)

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