Chapter 12-9

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(When nandini opened the door, the guy hugged him, she hugged him back tightly. This made our Majnu Over-Possessive Manik jealous. But nandini's next words embarassed him because the guy is none other than nandini's brother Rishabh. Lo, manik toh apne hi hone wale saale se jealous ho gaya.. bechare manik ka popat ho gaya aur hamare evil-twins, they tried hard to stop themselves from laughing seeing manik's flushed face. Manik glared them and they keep quiet.)

(They all started looking towards the brother and sister standing in front of them and they started admiring them. Mukti side-hugged manik because he is also a brother for her and manik smiled at her this gesture and tightened the hug and give a smile to her. Though, they never shared any emotional conversation but still manik always protects her like an elder brother.) (Nandini and Rishabh broke the hug and nandini cupped rishabh's face and asked him.)

N: Hey, mera baccha kaisa h? Tuition classes thk thi na? Aur teri tabiyat bilkul thk thi na? Koi pareshaani toh nhi hui tujhe? (Rishabh sighed his head in disbelief and smiled at his sister who got worried unnecessarily.)

R: Di, relax... Main bilkul thk hoon. Kyun itni tension le rahi ho? Main pehli baar thodi gaya tha classes mein aur ab main bada ho gaya hoon aur apna khyal bhi rakh sakta hoon. Ap itni tension mat liya karo, varna meri tension lete-lete apki tabiyat kharab ho jayegi. (Nandini smiled and spoke.)

N: Tu jitna marzi bada ho ja, par mere liye humesha mera chotta bhai, mera chotta sa baccha hi rahega. Aur tu meri tension mat le, main bilkul thk hoon. Aur tu mera bhai hone se pehle, mera baccha h, main teri tension lena kabhi nhi chod sakti. (Rishabh smiled widely and nandini kissed his forehead. Fab3 were admiring their bond and then nandini took rishabh inside the house. He saw some new faces and asked nandini about them.) (When mukti has come earlier, rishabh was already slept, so, he haven't meet mukti yet. Though, he knows about them because nandini had told him about her friends a little bit but he didn't know them from their faces.)

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