Chapter 16-1

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(Manik opened his eyes and a beautiful smile adorned his lips immediately seeing his angel's face first in the morning. Manik smiled and saw the way they were sleeping. Nandini was sleeping like a baby.. his baby.. sun rays were disturbing her sleep making her to make cute pout in irritation which made manik smile.. he immediately pecked her cheek hard while adorning her cute antics and spoke to sleeping nandini with all the love for her.)

M: Mera chotta sa baby hai tu.. Mera baby.. I just wish my every morning to be like this only with you in my arms and I am waking up by seeing your face first and I promise this will happen very soon.. Main tumhe kabhi khud se dur nhi jane dunga.. I promise (And he pecked her forehead. Then, he spoke to himself.)

M: Ab I think.. I should get up because I don't know how will angel react when she will see us sleeping in this position. I don't want to embarrass her.. these are our moments.. I don't want her to feel guilty or embarrass of any of our moments because these moments are pure bliss to me and I'll make sure.. it will be for my angel too.. (He pecked her cheeks and tried to detangle himself from nandini's hold but with each passing second her hold was getting tight, she was snuggling more in manik..) (Manik spoke to sleeping nandini.)

M: Angel.. please let me go.. Though I am loving our this position and I never wanted to  wake up from this but I don't know how you will react to it.. Please jaan.. (He was trying to open her fists in which she was holding his vest so tightly,. But in the way to detangle himself, nandini started stirring in sleep and manik knew she can wake up anytime now.. so, he immediately closed his eyes pretending to sleep..)

(Nandini slowly started opening her eyes and the first thing she saw after opening her eyes was sleeping manik who was sleeping so cutely.. She started adoring her baby.. and spoke to sleeping manik who was actually only pretending to sleep.)

N: Mera cute se baby ho tum.. Sirf mere baby.. (She pecked his forehead making him smile widely in sleep.) (Then , she looked towards their position and blushed seeing it and spoke lovingly.)

N: I so wish to wake up like this every day.. Ur arms are my home and this heartbeat of yours is like a sweet melody to me.. like a lullaby which immediately relax me and made me to go in the beautiful dreams and heaven where there are only you and me. (Her words brought a beautiful smile on manik's lips. Manik feel blessed to have nandini. He felt blissful to know about nandini's feelings for him.) (Nandini thought to move away before manik could got up but manik had a different plan. How can he miss wishing nandini first in the morning.)

(Nandini got aside. She was going to go more away but manik immediately holded her hand. She looked towards manik and saw him sleeping. Manik slowly opened his eyes and smiled seeing nandini making nandini smile. He pecked her forehead and spoke.)

M: Good morning angel..

N: Good morning manu.. (Manik frowned listening to it..)

M: Manu.. Manu kyun?

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