Chapter 12-4

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(Manik, Cabir and Mukti went towards nandini's class. They entered her class, all became quiet. They were shocked to see them there and some were scared too with the thought that may be they have come to bully someone and nandini was surprised to see them there that what they are doing in her class. They moved towards nandini. One girl is sitting with nandini, manik asked her to sit somewhere else and she without any question got up and manik sat there. Similarly, mukti and cabir sat in the desk which is before nandini's desk. The girls sitting there stands up without any question because no one wanted to take any fight with fab5.)

N: Guys, tum log yahan kya kar rahe ho?

MU: Chotti, we were missing you. So, we came here.

M: Aur hamnein aj tak koi lecture bhi nhi lagaya, toh socha tumhare bahane hum lecture bhi laga lenge.

C: And doll, bahut time se hamnein koi masti nhi ki, toh vo bhi kar lenge. (All the students of the class were looking at them as if they have seen an alien and they were scared too with the thought of ragging and cabir saw that and then he speak to lighten the atmosphere.)

C: Guys, kya hua? Relax yr. Hum bhi tumhari tarah normal insaan hi hain, hum masti karne aaye hain tum sabke saath. Don't worry, relax. Hum tumhe khaa nhi jayenge. Aj sirf hum masti karenge. (All felt relaxed and started talking among themselves.)

N: Arey, par ye apki class nhi h. Agar tum logon ko masti karni h, toh apni class mein jao aur vahan lecture lagao. Yahan baithkar kyun time waste kar rahe ho apna? Aur abhi sir ayenge, toh vo tumhe daantenge. 

M: Angel, shayad tumne thk se suna nhi? Mukti ne kaha tha ki we were missing you, so, we came here. Haan, hum masti apni class mein bhi kar sakte hain par vahan tum toh nhi hogi na? Isliye, hum yahan aa gaye tumhare paas.

MU: Aur, hum apna time waste nhi kar rahe. Vaise bhi hamnein aj tak toh koi lecture lagaya nhi. Hum kaunsa padhne aaye hain, hum toh tumhare saath time spend karne aye hain aur saath mein thodi masti bhi. 

C: Aur hamein koi professor nhi daant sakta. Don't worry. Hum fab5 hain yr.. Hamein daantne se pehle vo 1000 baar sochega. (Mukti, cabir and manik laughed to it and mukti and cabir hi-fied. Nandini was going to say something but the professor entered the class and he was shocked to see fab5 there.)

P: M kahin koi sapna toh nhi dekh raha? Fab5 aur vo bhi class mein? (He started rubbing his eyes as if trying to wake up from dream. All started laughing on him.)

C: Nhi sir.. aap koi sapna nhi dekh rahe. Fab5 aj apki class attend karne ayi h. 

P: Par ye toh 1st year ki class h. M kahin galat class mein toh nhi aa gaya? (Then, he saw other students and realised that he is in the right class.)

C: Nhi sir.. aap bilkul sahi class mein ho. Ye apka hi lecture h.

P: Par fir tum yahan kya kar rahe ho? Tum toh 3rd year ke students ho na?

MU: Vo kya h na sir.. Hamein apki bahut yaad aa rahi thi, toh hum se raha nhi gaya. Aur hum yahan aa gaye apka lecture attend karne. (All students were laughing to the core and even, nandini was also laughing. Seeing her smiling, fab5 got relaxed and they also smiled by getting her smile back. Manik show thumbs up to mukti and cabir and they did it back. Manik holds nandini's hand under the desk and entwined their fingers and started caressing the back of her palm with his thumb. A lot of butterflies started dancing in her stomach. She looked towards manik and gave him her beautiful smile with a blush. Manik smiled to it. He tightened his hold on her hand and nandini not for once tried to take it back. Both were enjoying each other's company and was taking slow-slow steps to their beautiful relationship and future which will soon be filled with only love and love for each other. Professor words broke their trance.)

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