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Thanks Giving, Important Announcements and Let's Chat

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1. Thanku to each one of you for suggesting me various ideas and also asking me to put up your ideas in the story. Some of you wished to show some particular scenes.. in the whole trip part. Thanku to each one of you.. For being so supportive..

I know still one day is left for the trip to get completed and those whose suggestions and wishes are still left.. i promise i'll incorporate each one of them in the story. When i was writing the updates.. it happened in a flow.. so i couldn't write your names and thank you in the respective parts.. So, here i go..

PanktiMaru  You wanted that nandini call manik papa and I think I have shown lots of instances till now where nandini addressed manik as papa.. Hope you loved all of them.
And yes.. i remember your 2 more wishes or suggestions are pending.. They will be done in further updates.

SaaniyaaMulay  You wanted some cute moments with everyone and more with Cabir.. I have tried to show that in every update and there will be more in future updates too... I hope you loved them..

star24080608r  You wanted that nandini demand ice-cream.. That was shown in the beginning of the trip only.. Hope you loved that part..

manan147  You wanted that nandini should play prank on cabir.. That was shown.. infact not only with cabir but with everyone.. hope you loved that part..

rag0651  You wanted cute MaNan moments in which Manik pamper nandini and bears all her tantrums.. I think from the beginning of the trip manik is doing this only.. Hehehe.. Hope you loved all that..

sid2200  Hehe... long time.. You wanted a scene of hot-air balloon.. You wanted it in MaNan proposal part but sorry as per story... i couldn't do that.. so.. I tried incorporating it as per the story..  Hope you loved that part.. I toh loved writing it..

Manan_0711 Hehehe.. Your list of suggestions was too long but i really enjoyed writing each one.. 

a. You wanted a masti wala song sequence and the song was also suggested by you only "Yaari-Yaari".. Thanku for the suggestion of that awesome song.. Hope you loved that part..

b. You wanted nandu playing small pranks with fab3. I have shown her doing pranks with everyone.. Hope you liked all those pranks..

c. You wanted a scene that cabir is scared of animal and mukti is scared of ghosts and nandini gets artificial thing of that and scares them.. I scared the whole group.. such a daring nandini to take panga with all.. hehehe.. Hope you liked that part..

d. You wanted some ruthna manana at beach.. I showed that in the starting of the trip when nandini wanted to enjoy in water in the beach but no-one is agreeing to it thinking of her health.. Hope you liked that one too...

FidaArora Hehehe.. long time.. but i never forgot you and was remembering you while completing your wishes..

a. You wanted cabir to give nandini piggy-back ride. I showed it not exactly but with a slight change when at the beach manik was not agreeing with nandini to enjoy in water and nandini jumped on cabir and cabir took her in a piggy-back way. Sorry for that change.. but i wanted to show manik giving piggy-back ride to nandini.. so.. that's why.. Hope you liked that way too..

b. You wanted manik to feed food to nandini. I think i have shown numerous instances of that.. Now MaNan feeding to each other and especially manik feeding to nandini is like a routine to them.. Hope you loved that part.. 

Now.. i am left with 3 more wishes of yours and i totally remember them.. Will surely fulfill in further updates...

Once again thanku guys for always being so supportive and always ready to shower your love.. 

Thanku.. thanku so much... :-) :-)

2. Some of you suggested me to cut short the paragraphs.. I tried to do that but sometimes.. in the flow of writing and in the feel to show emotions of the particular person.. i was not able to cut short it.. bu i tried doing that the way i can.. so, thanku for your suggestion and sorry if you still feel that it was long paragraphs.. i'll try to cut short more in future updates.

3. Some of the readers asked me to write the story in english as they understand english much better and some times.. i use some pure hindi words that it become difficult.. I know it's difficult.. even i myself is not so habitual with punjabi and doesn't understand it that much.. so, i understand but the thing is when i write in english.. i myself don't feel the essence of the story and doesn't get connected to it.. i myself doesn't feel the emotions which i wanted to portray.. so, i choose hindi... because as a writer if i myself doesn't feel the emotions which i wanted to show then how can my readers can feel it..

I know there are some amazing writers who write in english and i feel connected to their stories.. their command on english and the emotions depicting capacity in english is so good.. so awesome.. that it directly touches my heart but i myself is not so good in it..

I tried to translate them in english and write it in brackets but due to my busy scheule.. it became so difficult for me..

So, for those readers.. once i complete this story.. i'll try to translate the whole in english if i'll get sufficient time.. I can't promise anything but i'll definitely try.. But thanks to you who still try to understand hindi just to read the story.. It means a lot.. Thanku.. :-)

Okay.. I have planned only first 3 points but after yesterday afternoon... I an actually forced to add the other too because of the changed that took place in the schedule.. so... here it is..

4. I know i am not constant in giving updates like i used to give in beginning but i am sorry for that..

So, now the news is that you will not be getting any update for next 3 and a half months. Yes.. you read it right.. I am really sorry for this but I am helpless.. I am really sorry for this.. I know no one of you will be expecting that.. infact.. I knew about it.. but I am not expecting that I have to tell you now only.. I am planning to tell you after 15 days or so..

Actually, I am doing 2 courses simultaneously and their exams are going to start from 15th May to 20th June and from 26th June to 14th July respectively. And my test series for these is going to start from 10th April.. Earlier my test series were going to start from 24th April.. so, I have planned to give 3-4 more updates and atleast complete the trip part.. But now yesterday only.. I came to know that test-series are going to start from 10th of April.. I came to know about it after I posted the last chapter..

This sudden change in the schedule of tests actually came as a shock for me as I have to plan the whole-thing accordingly... so.. I am left with no option other than to put the story on hold.. Really sorry for that.. So, i am going to disappear from social media from 08th April till 20th July.. I am going to log out from all my accounts whether facebook, instagram, twitter or wattpad.

I so want to see kyy season 3 episodes but my career is important too.. and MaNan and PaNi are a huge distraction whether on-screen or off-screen. So, at this time.. i can't afford any distraction.. So, yes.. bye-bye till 20th July. Don't worry.. i won't discontinue my story.. i promise i'll be back and give you amazing updates of the story.. I will definitely complete it..

Once again thanku for all your love and support.. :-) :-)

5. Okay.. before going.. let's chat..

Yes.. you can ask me anything be it personal, professional or anything.. I am here till 1:30 A.M. You can ask any question and i will definitely reply may be not in an instant but before 1:30 A.M. for sure.. as after that i am going to log out.

You can ask me anything about story too.. be it about something which already happened in the story and you have some confusion regarding it or you want to suggest me something about it.. or you can ask me anything about present track and and and you can even ask me about what the story holds in future.

You can even give your valuable suggestions too..

You can dm me or can ask through comments here.. All the questions are heartily welcomed.. :-) :-) 

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