Chapter 16-4

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(Manik closed nandini's eyes and holded her from her shoulder and took her somewhere and asked all other too to come along.) (Nandini being an impatient and excited soul when it comes to surprises asked manik.)

N: Mani.. kahan ja rahe hain hum? Aur kitni der?

M: Bas 2 minute angel.. hum bas pahunch gaye.. U don't worry.. I won't let you fall.. (Nandini smiled and spoke)

N: I know that mani.. I trust you completely.. (Manik smiled listening to it.) (After a minute, manik opened her eyes and spoke.)

M: Lo pahunch gaye... (Nandini's eyes were wide open seeing the thing in front of her eyes. She became excited and started jumping on her place making others especially manik smile to the fullest.)

N: Wow!!!! Hot air balllloooooonnnnn.. Thanku thanku mani.. it's awesome.. (Manik smiled and spoke.)

M: My pleasure princess.. And don't say thanku.. You liked it na.. that's important for me..

N: Tumhe pata hai main humesha se iss mein jana chahti thi.. (Nandini said with a sad pout.) par kabhi ja hi nhi payi.. (Manik frowned and asked her.)

M: Tum kabhi nhi gayi iss mein?

N: Nope.. (Manik smiled to his fullest that he will be able to fulfill his angel's wish. So, he spoke excitedly.)

M: Toh chalo fir.. aj meri princess ki ye wish papa puri karenge.. Chalo.. (Nandini smiled and move forward.)

N: Haan chalo.. (As soon as she took her first step, she immediately realised something and spoke scaredly.)

N: No.. no.. no.. i can't go.. (Manik frowned and asked.)

M: Arey kya huya.. abhi toh tum itni excited thi.. (Nandini suddenly became sad and spoke.)

N: Mani.. i want to go but i can't go.. (Cabir and Mukti asked her worriedly.)

C: Kyun doll?

MU: All okay chotti?

N: Vo.. (Manik asked her in a concern way but lovingly.)

M: Kya huya princess... Batao mujhe?

N: Vo mani.. main humesha se iss mein jana chahti thi but kabhi ja nhi payi because i am scared of heights.. (All were shocked listening to it.)

M: What? (Nandini spoke sadly.)

N: Haan.. wo abhi tumne jab bola main itni excited ho gayi ki i almost forgot about it par abhi yaad aaya... (Mukti asked confusedly.)

MU: Par chotti.. tu aeroplane mein toh baith jati hai?

N: Haan vo.. it was not open na and moreover.. i don't see down.. Par ye toh open hai na.. I so wanted to be inside that and feel the air.. the nature.. see the whole view from up but i am scared.. (Nandini so wanted to feel those feelings but her fear but how can manik let his angel's wish unfulfilled.) (Manik smiled and spoke determinedly.)

M: You want to be in that na.. then you will.. (Cabir and Mukti spoke angrily being concerned for their little sis.)

C: Manik.. tu pagal ho gaya hai?

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