Chapter 13-6

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Okay, so only 3 persons tried to guess the promises... Thanku so much guys.. :-)

Firstly, Haleema248 Thanks dear.. u have guessed the first promise correctly..

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Thirdly, HeyItsAriba Thanks dear.. U have guessed both the promises correctly.. I never thought anyone could guess the second promise exactly but you guessed it.. It was like you exactly read my mind and heart.. thanks a ton dear.. :-)


(Nandini was continuously looking at manik to know about manik's promises. Manik cupped her face and spoke smilingly looking at nandini.)

M: FIRST, you have to promise me that from today onwards you will share each and everything with me whether small or big, whether important or non-important. Promise me that you will never hesitate to share anything with me, i want you to be comfortable with me. Promise me that you won't think twice before sharing anything with me. Chahe main kitna hi busy kyun na hoon, fir chahe toh college ke kisi kaam se ya fir music album mein ya fir office ki kisi meeting mein.. agar tumhe mujhse kuch share karna hai toh tum bina kisi hesitation ke mujhe call karogi ya fir mere paas aa jayogi aur agar kisi vajah se tum mere paas nhi aa sakti toh tum mujhe call karke apne paas bulalogi.. par kabhi bhi apne ap ko mere paas aane se ya fir mujhe apne paas bulane se nhi rokogi.. promise me.. Whenever you need me just come to me or call me to come to you without any second thought.. Tum jaan ho meri.. 

M: Main tumhari chotti-badi har wish puri karna chahta hoon chahe fir vo chocolates khane ki ho ya fir shopping pe jane ki, chahe fir vo raat ke 2 baje ice-cream khane ki ho ya fir subah ke 5 baje sunrise dekhne ki.. i want to fulfill each and every wish of yours.. So.. promise me tumhe jab jo bhi chahiye tum mujhe batayogi chahe vo wish kitni hi chotti hi kyun na ho ya fir kitni hi badi kyun na ho.. Agar tumhe raat ke 2 baje bhi mujhe call karna pade toh tum karogi.. par ye nhi sochogi ki tum mujhe disturb kar rahi ho because you can never disturb me.. i will be happy to do all this for you.. Aur agar tum mujhe disturb kar bhi rahi ho.. toh ye haq hai tumhara.. sirf aur sirf tumhara.. mujh par tumhara pura haq hai.. Promise me you will never stop yourself from demanding anything from me 

M: Promise me  you will share everything with me chahe baat achi ho ya fir buri.. chahe uss baat se mujhe khushi mile ya fir dukh.. par tum vo baat share karogi.. Because i know even when i am sad if you are there with me then i can handle everything because you are there to handle me and support me.. same way... if some thing is giving you pain.. then also you will share with me.. haan.. tumhe dard mein dekhkar mujhe dard hoga par uss se zyada dard iss baat se hoga ki tum vo dard akeli share kar rahi ho.. so, you will share with me your every pain.. i will be happy and relieved that i am there with you to share your pain and comfort you.. Angel, you know we both are each other's peace.. so, promise me from now on no secrets, no hiding anything and you will demand your every wish from me.. (Nandini smiled with happy tears in her eyes seeing manik's depth of love for her and spoke smilingly.)

N: I promise.. (Manik smiled and wiped her tears.)

M: Meri angel sirf smile karte huye achi lagti hai.. so no tears even if they are happy tears.. Okay? (Nandini smiled brightly and nodded her head in yes and asked manik.)

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