Chapter 13-2

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Okay, first of all I am so sorry for disappearing like that.. but being an accountant, this March month is very important for us.. so, I have a lot of work.. so, I was busy with my professional life and with that I have some responsibilities to fulfill at my personal front as well... on top of that, my health was not permitting me to write.. I am really sorry guys.. I have logged in to wattpad after ten days.  I tried to write.. I don't know how it come out to be because I have written it in a real hurry to give you guys update.. hope it's up-to your expectations... once again sorry for keeping you waiting..

And yes.. guys, i am so sorry.. I know that i have told you that this update will consists of their happy moments. But, i am sorry.. Actually, i haven't planned that it will be so long.. but when i sat to write it.. it already became a lengthy update. So, couldn't able to add more because it will become more lengthy and might have bored you. So, no happy moments in this update. Next update will be emotional one too but it will be happy emotions. Once again sorry guys..

This whole update is how manik made nandini realise her importance in every person's life. So, it is a long update and from manik side. I hope you didn't get bored and please read the last para of the last update because it will help you to get connected with this update.

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(Manik was sitting with nandini on his lap and was caressing her hairs continuously. Nandini was all nestled in his embrace and manik was also holding her tightly and as much close to himself as he can. Being in the same position, he started speaking looking at nandini and caressing her hair simultaneously trying to make her understand.)

M: Nandini, iss sab mein tumhari koi galti nhi thi. Why are you blamimg yourself? Aur kisne kaha ki u don't deserve love haan..? Infact, u deserve only happiness and love. Tumhe pata hai, tum ek angel ho jo sirf khushiyan baantna janti hai, jo sirf apna pyaar bantna janti hai toh aisi angel ko koi pyaar kyun nhi karega. U know, u deserve all the world's happiness, dher saari khushiyaan aur bhut bhut saara pyaar, ye deserve karti ho tum. (Nandini looked at manik as if asking him whether he is speaking truth and she saw only honesty in manik's eyes and his words. He smiled at nandini and she again snuggled her face in manik's neck.) Agar tum ye deserve nhi karti, toh hum mein se koi bhi deserve nhi karta. Nandini, you have the purest heart and the purest soul and you deserve every bit of happiness and love.

Haan, main manta hoon ki jo hua vo bhut galat hua aur hum chahkar bhi usse thk nhi kar sakte, par iska matlab ye toh nhi na ki hum jeena hi chod dein. Tum kehti ho na ki dard baantne se kam hota hai, toh kyun apna dard apne tak rakhkar khud ko aur dard de rahi ho.

Haan, hum mein se koi bhi amma-appa ki kami tumhari zindagi mein puri nhi kar sakta par kam-se-kam hum sab tumhe apne hisse ka pyaar, apne hisse ki khushiyan toh de sakte hai na jo tum deserve karti ho. Kyun tum hamein apne paas aane nhi de rahi ho? Kyun apne aas-paas ek shell bana rahi ho? Kyun apna dard nhi baanta tumne humse?

Nandini iss sab mein hamari bhi toh koi galti nhi hai, toh anjaane mein hi sahi par hamein iss sab ki saza kyun de rahi ho? (She immediately looked at manik that how she is giving them punishment. Manik cupped her face with one hand and other hand still holding her close to himself.) Tum hamari jaan ho, agar tum khush ho toh hi hum khush hain. Tumhe kya laga ki hamein pata nhi chalega ki tum apni smile ke peeche apna dard chupa rahi ho? Tumhe pata hai ki tumhe dard mein dekhkar hum sabko kitni taklif ho rahi hai. (Nandini made her head down but he hold her chin and made her look in his eyes.)

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