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Chapter 3

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N CHACHI: Uth gayi nandu? (Chachi shouts from downstairs)

N: Ji Chachi. M bas 2 minute mein aati hoon.

Then Nandini comes, have breakfast with her family and after bidding bye left for college.

On the other side,

Manik woke up with a beautiful smile on his face as he was seeing a beautiful dream of nandini in which they both were dancing. When he opens his eyes, his smile vanished by realising that it was just a dream , then , his eyes bulge out of his sockets after realising that why he was even thinking about nandini.

M: What the ! Why i am even thinking about that girl? I have to do something soon.

Then he got fresh and call Fab 5 and they all decide to enter in college premises together.


N: Hi Navya, how are you?

NA: Hi Nandini. Hum ache hain. Tum Kaisi ho?

N: M bhi badiya. 

(Here, Manik enters in the college with Fab 5 and when Manik and Nandini eyes met, they both got lost in each other eyes.)

NA: Hey matarani! firse Fab 5. Chalo Nandini yahan se.( and with this she drags nandini with her and this broke their eye lock)

(Mukti also sees them and evil idea strucks in her mind and decides to bully them.)

MU: Guys, lets have some fun. Lets make fun of these 2 behanji's.

C: Yes Mukti, u are right. Bahut din ho gaye, aj toh inhe maza sikha hi dete hain especially us nandini ko. (Cabir said all this while seing Manik to see his reaction. Firstly Manik's nervousness confirms his doubts but the next what he said shocked cabir.)

M: Sahi kaha Mukti. Chal kuch plan banate hain. aj toh inhe sabak sikhana hi padega. (When Mukti said that, firstly, he got nervous for nandini but after that he thought that it is better to take his revenge and then forget her so that he never thinks of nandini again. So, he agrees.)

C: Haan chalo, par pehle kuch kha lete hain.

M: Seriously cabir..? Bhukkad.. Kabhi toh khane ke ilawa kuch soch lia kar.

C: Kya yr. ? jab tak kuch acha sa khayenge nhi, tab tak energy nhi ayegi. aur dimag kaise chalega. Fir acha sa plan kaise banega.

MU: Tera kuch nhi ho sakta. Chal canteen.

(With this all went to canteen, have snacks and make plan for nandini.)

D: Nhi yr. , ye plan kuch zyada ho jayega. kuch aur plan bana lo.

MU: Here comes the good boy of our group. Dhruv, ye plan bilkul sahi h.

D: Par?

MU: Kuch par par nhi.. hum yahi karenge. Bas ab koi argue nhi karega.

(Firstly, Manik also got scared for Nandini after hearing Mukti's plan. he wanted to say something but before that dhruv speaks up. but when Mukti doesn't agree with him, then he was left with no choice except to follow her plan.)

(Cabir also watch Manik's reaction on the plan. After watching his scared face, now, he was damn sure that manik has some feelings for nandini but he doesn't want to accept it and he knows the reason as well i.e. alia.)

ALL: Okay then. we are in for it.

GIRL:  Hey, are you nandini?

N: Yes. 

GIRL: Actually your friend Navya is calling you in the store room.

N: Store Room? But why store room?

GIRL: Actually Fab 5 bully her, so she got scared and hide her there. so, she is calling you for help.

N: Aiyoo.. aiyappa.. ye fab 5 kyun hamesha usse pareshan karta rehta h. Anyways thanku so much. I'll go.

GIRL: Its okay. Go fast.

N: Yeah. Thanks. (And Nandini runs from there to find store room and Navya)

MU: Thanku. Now fab 5 doesn't bully you ever.

GIRL: Really? Thanks Mukti. ( and girl left from there)

Fab5 : Guys, its time for some fun. 

(here, nandini after asking many students reaches store room )

N: Navya.. Navya? kahan ho? Lagta h Chali gayi.

(when Nandini was going to go back, the door automatically gets closed and Nandini was trapped there. She called for help but nobody come there as store room is in the basement, so, no one come there except the cleaning staff, but now they are also not there.)

(Outside the store room, fab 5 was standing and listening to her shouts. Mukti was laughing , Dhruv was pitying for her, Cabir was watching Manik's each and every reaction and our manik was scared to hell listening her shouts, but he cant do anything. Then after sometime, all went from there but after making an excuse Manik come back so as to check that is she fine or not? and cabir also come after manik to see all this.)

N: Yeh main kahan fass gayi? M call bhi nhi kar sakti, yahan network bhi nhi h.. aiyoo.. aiyappa.. please help...

(Nandini was sitting on the couch and crying and praying her aiyappa. after some time, she sees a mouse and her shouting for help and crying increases. she started running here and there.

(manik was standing outside the room, when he heard her shouting increased and he got more worried for her. after some time, there was no voice coming of her, he got more scared. Then after fighting the battle between his heart and mind, finally he opens the door and his heart sinks to see her condition. She got fainted on the couch. Her cheeks are filled with dry tears, hairs are in very bad state.)

(Manik without any delay took her in his arms and started patting her cheeks to wake her up. He found a water bottle in her bag and sprinkle water on her face. She opens her eyes slowly, then, manik make her drink water and now she is better.)

M: Nandini, you okay?

N: Manik? (and with this, she hug him tightly and started crying)

M: Nandini, its okay. relax.. everything is fine.. u are fine.. relax.. (he started rubbing her back and Nandini calmed down . Both felt peace in each other arms. Then, Nandini realised their position and broke the hug. Because of shyness, she was not able to look into Manik's eyes and manik also feel embarrased and strange. After some time Nandini broke the silence.)

N: Thanku so much manik.

M: Its okay nandini. Chalo m tumhe ghar drop kar deta hoon.

N: Nhi its okay. M khud chali jayungi. But manik tumhe pata kaise chala ki m yahan hoon.. i mean tum yahan kaise?

(Manik got confused that what he could say now. but than he thought why to say wrong. he said her the truth.)

M: Actually nandini, hamnein.. i mean Fab5 ne hi tumhe yahan band kia tha.

(nandini got shocked after listening this and become very angry and after giving manik accusing look, run out from there. Then manik also goes from there.)

(this all was seen by cabir and now he was sure about them and now he promised himself to make them unite and make manik confess his feelings. )

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