Chapter 15-6

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(They took 2 rooms, 1 for boys and 1 for girls. Only manan can stay together but as manik has not confessed yet, so, he was not ready to stay in a single room because he doesn't want to make nandini uncomfortable in any way.)

(He took nandini in her room and put her down on bed gently and covered her with blanket and kissed her forehead lovingly making nandini smile in sleep.) (Then, manik moved towards mukti and navya and spoke.)

M: Girls, dekho angel ko ek second ke liye bhi akela mat chodna.. Tum dono mein se koi ek humesha uske saath rehna.. (Mukti thought to trouble manik and irritate him, so, spoke.)

MU: Manik chill.. vo koi chotti bacchi hai kya jo kho jayegi.. (Manik spoke sternly.)

M: Main jo bol raha hoon, vo sunn.. samjhi.. Agar tumhe bahar jana hai toh tum mein se koi ek uske paas rahega.. Infact, tum usse akela chodkar washroom bhi nhi ja sakte.. samjhe.. (Mukti shouted listening to it.)

MU: Manik, are you out of your mind? (Because of mukti's shout nandini stirred in sleep seeing which manik immediately shushed mukti and threatened her.)

M: Shh.. angel so rahi hai.. Agar vo teri iss loud voice se jaag gayi na mukti.. toh main tujhe chodunga nhi.. (By the time, Nandini again slept as Manik started caressing her hair.)

MU: Acha okay.. sorry.. but manik, ye tu kya faltu baatein kar raha hai?

M: Main koi faltu baat nhi kar raha hoon jo main keh raha hoon.. vo hi karna samajh mein aa gayi meri baat..

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