Chapter 10-1

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A beautiful day... a beautiful morning... The sun is shining brightly and is trying to wake up the love birds who are soaking in each other presence. The sun is peeking through the window to wake up the love birds from their deep slumber so as to welcome the new morning together happily....

The bright sunshine disturbed the sleep of manik and he wakes up from his peaceful sleep smiling widely but he doesn't open his eyes till now. Manik was feeling so happy, so calm, so peaceful which he never felt in his lifetime till now. He was literally feeling like a new born baby who is going to breathe the fresh air for the first time, who is going to see the sunshine for the first time, who is going to see and live in the world for the first time, who is going to live life for the first time and he wanted to live all this, experience all this with the love of his life, his heart, his heartbeat, his soul, his love, his breath, his life, his zindagi, his jaan, his nandini. He was all ready to welcome the new morning which will be full of happiness and love. He wanted to welcome it by seeing nandini's face first in the morning, in the beginning of his new life, so, he slowly-slowly opened his eyes while turning towards nandini and he smiled widely by seeing her angelic face first in the morning and the beautiful smile on nandini's face widened his smile more.

He woke up from her lap and sat face to face with her and what he saw, made him frowned as he saw some dried tears on nandini's cheeks and a beautiful smile on her lips, that sight was a very rare combination to see and only nandini could do that. He was confused but then he realised that nandini would have cried after he went to sleep feeling his pain. He realised that nandini had hold herself so strong for him the last night because she doesn't wanted to be weak in front of him when he needed her the most, she wanted to be his strength, so, she kept herself strong, though it was hurting her alot seeing him in so much of pain but she didn't fall weak in front of him to give him strength, give him peace and he also realised that the smile should be after seeing him smiling and happy. He fall in love with her more realising her love for him.

M (to himself): Kal ka din best tha, though nandini scared the hell out of me by pulling that stunt on me but the moments we shared thereafter near the staircase were the best moments of my life. I felt many new emotions at that time like mother's warmth, father's protection and most importantly love, all these I have never felt before. I was so happy and for the first time in my life, I was actually waiting for the party and I got ready quickly because I wanted to meet nandini as soon as possible, I was so restless to see her and then I saw her and I felt like my heart again started to beat, the moments we shared at the party were the best moments like holding each other's hand, our cute eye-locks, her care for me at the dining table, feeding cake to each other and then the dance. Her eyes are so intense that I feel like that I can drown in those eyes, they were as deep as ocean and I wanted to drown in it more and more.

Everything was the best, everything was going too good but nyonika spoiled it all. Who can say that she is my mother? She always wanted to hurt me only, but the time she started speaking about nandini, I felt myself getting out of control but I controlled myself because I don't wanted to scare nandini or create any scene but then, she said those words which hurt me the most, which gave me the reality check. Though, she doesn't mean anything to me but my friends does, so, I don't want them to think the same that I was cheating on alia or them, because in reality, I never felt this way for Alia. I have realised that it was just an attraction for Alia and nothing more than that as I never felt connected to her but I don't know that whether my friends will understand it or not, so, I went from there in my room. Though I wanted to hug nandini at that moment only or atleast saw her once, but I knew if I look in her eyes then I will obviously loose myself, so, giving my back to her I came to my room and started breaking all the things because of the pain of losing nandini. Though it hurts me the most but nandini's happiness matters the most to me, so, I decided to stay away from nandini. Though, that thought only gave me thousand deaths but I know, it would be good for nandini only because my life is messed up and she means alot to cabir and mukti, so, I don't want to hurt nandini in anyway. That time, nandini came to my room, though my heart was craving to hug her and hide myself in her embrace but my mind was stopping me remembering me that it's good to stay away from nandini for her own happiness and I can do anything for her happiness even if it means to kill myself thousand times. When she came close to me, I jerked her away, though it hurted me the most seeing her crying but it's good to cry once than crying the entire lifetime, so, I was trying to kept myself strong but nandini was more stubborn than me, may be she got to know that though I was jerking her away, but still I needed her the most at that time, so, she hugged me tightly. I was stopping myself to hug her back and was trying to break the hug but she tightened it more and at last, I gave up and hugged her back to get my solace and calm myself down and I cried and cried hiding in her embrace and she hold me tightly too.

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