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Hello guys..

i know ... i know.. you are waiting for the updates.. i have already written half of it.. i'll try to update by the end of this week.. sorry for being so late..

Okay, now coming to the most important and awesome news..

My friend akritiguptap has started writing a PaNi story.. and believe me the story is damn amazing.. you will definitely love the story.. It's first part is already updated.. go and shower your love on her story.. I know you must have read many PaNi stories and they all were beautiful too.. i myself have read those and i have loved all of them.. but trust me when i say it.. this one is also very beautiful..

this story is beautiful

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this story is beautiful.. cute.. amazing.. mind-blowing.. you will definitely love it... you go and read yourself and shower your love.. :-) :-)

Thanku akritiguptap for fulfilling my wish.. u have written it beyond my imagination.. the story is so so beautiful.. i loved it from my heart.. :-) Thanku so much.. :-) :-)

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