Chapter 10-3

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Both Manik and Nandini were doing breakfast and were enjoying each others company. They were laughing and were cherishing those moments to their fullest. Suddenly, nandini remembered that she has to go home soon and also that she has promised rishabh to take him for shopping today.

N: Acha Mani? (Manik was shocked to hear Mani from nandini. Though he was happy to the core but he wanted to confirm it once and our nandini didn't realised that by what she has addressed manik because she was in her thoughts.)

M: Kya? Kya kaha tumne?(Nandini didn't know what manik was talking about)

N: Huh?

M: Tumne abhi kya kehkar bulaya mujhe? (Now, nandini realised that what she called manik. She thought that may be manik didn't liked it.)

N: I am sorry. Pata nhi kaise mere mooh se nikal gaya. I am really sorry.

M: Arey, par tumne mujhe bulaya kis name se?(Nandini thought that may be manik got angry.)

N: Manik, I am really sorry. Please bhul jao, maine jo kaha. Galti se keh dia maine, bhul jao.

M: Arey par mujhe sunna h. Please ek baar firse bulao?(Manik asked her desperately.)

N: Mani... (Manik smiled widely listening to it. Nandini had her head hung down, so, she didn't saw his smiling face.) I am really sorry. (Manik immediately cupped her face and made her look towards him and nandini was surprised to see manik smiling.) Manik tum smile kar rahe ho? Tumhe bura nhi laga?(Manik smiled more widely.)

M: Arey, nhi baba. Mujhe bura kyun lagega? I toh infact loved it. (Nandini was surprised to hear it.)

N: Tum sach keh rahe ho na?

M: Arey haan, m bilkul sach keh raha hoon. Infact, aj se tum mujhe issi name se bulayogi. Okay?(Nandini smiled listening to it and nodded her head and manik also smiled seeing her smiling.) (Both continued their breakfast and then manik remembered that nandini wanted to say something to him.)

M: Acha, vaise tum kya bolne wali thi?

N: Haan voh.. m yeh keh rahi thi ki breakfast ke baad tum college chale jana. M auto karke ghar chali jayungi.(Manik didn't liked the idea at all. He doesn't want to go away from nandini, not even for a second. So, he immediately spoke his idea.)

M: Arey, tum auto mein kyun jayogi? M tumhe chod dunga. Tumhe change karna h na? Tum change kar lena, m tab tak tumhari family se mil lunga. Fir hum dono saath mein college chalenge.

N: Nhi, m tumhare saath ghar nhi ja sakti. (Now, manik become confused.)

M: Kyun? Kya m tumhari family se nhi mil sakta? Kya m itna bura hoon ki tum mujhe apni family se nhi milwa sakti?(Manik become sad and hung his head down and nandini immediately cups his face and made him look into her eyes and speak sternly to him.)

N: Hey, khabardaar jo mere baby ko bura bola toh.? Mera baby sabse best h, vo kabhi bura ho hi nhi sakta. Mere baby ko bura bolne ka haq maine kisi ko nhi diya, tumhe bhi nhi.. samjhe? (Manik smiled widely listening to it, his heart got filled with happiness and he nodded his head smilingly.)

M: Okay.. m dobara aise kabhi nhi bolunga. Par m tumhare ghar kyun nhi ja sakta?(Manik asked in a very childish way which made nandini smile.)

N: Vo, kal raat maine navya se ghar pe ye kehlwaya tha ki m raat ko uske saath rukungi. Toh ab agar tum mujhe ghar chodne jaoge, toh acha nhi lagega na? Bas isiliye. (Manik made his mouth in an 'O' shaped indicating that he understood it.) Aur, vaise bhi maine first time kal apni family se jhooth bola, toh m nhi chahti ki unhe bura lage. (Manik felt bad that she lied to her family for the first time and that too because of him.)

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