Chapter 16-3

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(All went to the beach and started drowning each other in water. Cabir, Mukti and Nandini have maximum fun. Whole time manik made sure that nandini is safe and sound and around him and in front of his eyes. Most of the time, he was holding her hand in his firm grip. Nandini also made sure that manik enjoy to his fullest by drenching him with water, making him run after her, running on the beach holding his hand.) (After some time, cabir spoke still standing in water.) 

C: Manik bhut time se humne saath mein koyi acha song nhi gaya.. toh aj ek acha sa song ho jaye.. (Nandini immediately spoke being an excited soul.)

N: Haan mani.. aj ek song toh banta hai.. please.. (Now, how can manik deny his princess, so, he spoke lovingly.)

M: Okay.. if my princess wants.. then definitely.. Toh batao which song.. (Mukti spoke.)

MU: Aj doston ka din hai manik.. Toh ek song doston ke naam.. (Nandini happily clapped.)

N: Yeah...

M: Okay.. but you guys have to sing with me..

C: Ofcourse..

(Manik started the song.. ) 

Ho hai zara si meethi-meethi halki si khaari
Yari yari, yaari yaari, yaari yaari..

Cabir sang drowning nandini with water..

Ho.. yaar woh jo samjhe baat bin bole saari
Yaari yaari, yaari yaari, yaari yaari..

Mukti sang splashing water over others...

Wo o o ho.. wo ho.. wo ho...
Zinda yaaron se hui zindagi
Wo o o ho.. wo ho.. wo ho...

Mukti.. Cabir and Manik sang..

Teri-meri, meri-teri yaari-yaari

Hoo.. hoo...

Manik sang running behind nandini to catch her..

Ho kachchi pakki gullakon to tod-taad kar

Chillaron ko apney saare jod-jaad kar
Tere hisse ki main smile ko khareed lun
Meri smile ka kahin na kahin se tu jugad kar
Chai wale adde ki bhi chai se hai pyari
You know..

Harshad sang..

Yaari yaari, yaari yaari, yari yari..

Wo.. jiski chal rahi hai abhi tak udhaari
Yaari yaari, yaari yaari, yari yari..

All sang...

Wo o o ho.. wo ho.. wo ho...

Manik sang holding nandini close to him..

Zinda yaaron se hui zindagi

Wo o o ho.. wo ho.. wo ho...
Teri-meri, meri-teri yaari yaari
hoo hoo.. hoo hoo..
Beer ke nashe mein talli hoke jhoom lein
Mastiyon ke raaste mein jhande gaad dein
Hosh humse apna ghar ke le agar pata
Arey hosh se kahein ki hum hai aish mein pale

Mukti, Cabir and Harshad joined him in between.. 

Class bunk maar ke pahaadon pe jaari (What?)

Yaari yaari, yaari yaari, yari yari..

Wo ho.. ghar pe goli deke bhaagne ki bimari (wassup?)
Yaari yaari, yaari yaari, yaari yaari..


All sang..

Wo o o ho.. wo ho.. wo ho...

Zinda yaaron se hui zindagi
Wo o o ho.. wo ho.. wo ho...
Meri-teri yaari yaari
oo.. hoo.. hoo..

In last all spoke loudly and group hugged each other.


(In between the song.. they had a lot of fun at beach.. drowning each other fully in water.. running behind each other. They made awesome memories and clicked numerous pics as a memory.)    

(Manik is singing the song looking nandini all the time so that she doesn't vanish from his sight even for a second.)

(When the song got completed, manik was looking at her but suddenly wind blows fast making him close his eyes for some seconds and when he opens his eyes, he saw nandini was not there. He panicked but he can feel nandini around him and before he can worry more, someone's hand came over his eyes and the touch was enough to make his heart feel at peace and make him smile widely. Manik spoke lovingly holding her hands on his eyes.)

M: Meri angel.. Meri princess.. Meri Jaan... (Nandini smiled widely hearing his endearments for her. She left his eyes. Mnaik brought her in front of him by holding her hands. Nandini came in front of him and smiled and then made a pout and asked cutely.)

N: How did you recognized it's me? (Manik smiled and holded her from waist and brought her so close to himself that air couldn't pass between them and nandini's hands were on his chest. Manik lovingly spoke looking directly in nandini's eyes.)

M: Tumhara ehsaas hi kaafi hai mujhe ye batane ke liye ki tum mere aas-paas ho.. Laakhon ki bheed mein bhi main tumhe mehsoos kar sakta hoon.. Tumhe feel karne ke liye mujhe tumhe chune ki ya tumhari awaaz sunne ki ya tumhe dekhne ki zarurat nhi hai.. Main band aankhon se bhi tumhe dhund sakta hoon kyunki tum mujh mein, mere dil mein basti ho.. I don't need my eyes to feel you.. just your presence and my rising heartbeat is enough to tell me that you are near me. (Nandini smiled widely and blushed and hugged manik tightly and softly gave a peck at his heart over his shirt which she thought manik didn't felt but manik felt that kiss and smiled to his fullest and sighed in pure bliss. He pecked her head and tightened the hug.)

(Both enjoyed the moment in each other's embrace taking one more step near towards their FOREVER....)


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