Chapter 15-7

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(Manik was admiring nandini. She was looking so cute while sleeping that even manik has no heart to wake her up but he also knew that nandini didn't ate anything properly after the brunch at dhaba because after that they only ate gol-gappas and ice-cream. So, being concerned for nandini's health, he can't let her skip her meal. So, he started waking her up lovingly while caressing her hairs..)

M: Princess.. chalo wake up.. (But his princess nandini didn't budge. He spoke lovingly.)

M: Princess.. chalo wake up baccha.. Get up.. Get up.. (She stirred in sleep and then slept with her back towards manik taking manik's hand below her head making manik chuckle at her antics. He whispered in her ear.)

M: Baby wake up.. (Nandini pouted and spoke.)

N: Nhi na.. (Manik chuckled and spoke lovingly like a father waking up his princess.)

M: Kyun nhi..? Chalo chalo wake up.. Its wakey-wakey time.. Chalo na baccha.. Uth jao mera baby... Papa ka good baby na.. chalo uth jao bacha.. (Now, nandini is in full baby mode, so, she spoke babyishly.)

N: Nhi na papa.. let me sleep.. mujhe aur sona hai abhi.. so no wakey-wakey..

M: Bacha thodi der ke liye uth jayo please.. fir so jana princess..

N: Nhi na papa.. Apki princess ko abhi sona hai.. plleeaaazzzzeeee..

M: Please mera baccha.. (A smile was adorning manik lips seeing his princess behaving like a baby. Though manik was enjoying her cute baby antics to the fullest but he knows he has to wake her up because she has to eat something.)

N: Apka baby bhut tired hai.. mujhe neenu ayi hai.. Please neeni karne de no..

M: Haan mera baby.. I know mera baby tired hai.. ek baar uth kar khana khalo fir aaram se apni neenu puri kar lena.. thk hai.. chalo utho..

N: Nhi papa.. no khana.. only sona..

M: Baccha please.. I promise khaana khaakar tum aaraam se so jana.. koi tumhari neenu disturb nhi karega.. please..

N: Nhi na papa.. Pleazzeee.. let me shleeeeppppp.. (Manik knew that his baccha is so stubborn that she will not get up now.. but if she is his baccha.. then he is also her baby.. so, he has to be stubborn like her.. dono bacche ek jaise.. hehehehehe.. Manik very well knew how to wake up his sleepy-head baccha.. So, he started with his emotional black-mailing.)

M: Acha thk hai.. tumhe sona hai na.. toh tum so jao.. (Nandini smiled hearing it but listening to his next words, she woke up with a jerk and immediately turned towards manik and sat facing him because manik next words were..)

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