Chapter 13-7

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(Nandini was continuously looking at manik with a beautiful smile. Manik seeing her admiring him ask her the reason.)

M: Kya, aise kya dekh rahi ho?

N: Dekh rahi hoon.. how i got so lucky to have you in my life.. (Manik smiled beautifully and spoke while cupping her face.)

M: Lucky tum nhi.. lucky main hoon.. jo tum meri life mein ho... meri life ko humesha peaceful and happy banane ke liye.. (nandini nodded in no and spoke.)

N: Nhi manik.. I am lucky.. Agar tum nhi hote.. toh mera ye dard kabhi mujhse alag hota hi nhi.. kabhi mujhe sukoon milta hi nhi.. (Manik spoke smilingly.)

M: Iske liye bhi tum hi reason ho.. (Nandini frowned listening to it and manik spoke further lovingly.) Agar tum mujhe heal nhi karti.. mujhe sukoon nhi deti... toh shayad main bhi kabhi tumhe heal nhi kar pata kyunki main apne hi dard mein khoya rehta.. (Nandini knew that manik will never take credit but she also knew that what manik has done for her means alot to her and he deserve all the credit. so, she further spoke.))

N: Mani.. ye har koi janta hai ki tumhare liye sabse pehle dusron ki khushi aati hai.. khaas kar ke tumhare friends and loved ones ki.. Tum itne saal pain mein the par fir bhi tumne humesha vo kiya jisse fab5 humesha khush rahe aur unhe koi pain na ho.. Tumne vo sab kiya jiss se unhe kabhi koi takleef na ho... Toh m sure ki agar maine tumhe heal nhi bhi kiya hota.. toh bhi tum mujhe dard mein dekhkar mera dard dur kar hi dete.. So, i am lucky to have you... (Manik knew that he can never win from his angel, his nandini, but he also knew that he is the most luckiest having nandini in his life because what nandini has done for him, no one can ever do that. So, accepting his defeat and proving his point at the same time, he spoke.)

M: Haan.. shayad tum thk keh rahi ho.. par ye bhi utna hi sach hai ki agar tum mujhe heal na karti, mujhe rishton ki ahmeit na samjhaati.. toh shayad main itne acche se tumhe kabhi nhi samjha pata.. U have made my life happy and content.. So, i am lucky to have you.. (But our nandini is being stubborn.. Manik ki princess hai.. toh stubborn hona toh banta hai... hehehe.. so, she spoke with a cute pout.)

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