Chapter 6-1

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Finally, the stormy night ends and a new day starts. But this day will bring alot of changes in everyone's lives. Some will feel loved and some will feel pain. Some will find peace and some will lose their peace.

Fab 5 and nandini got up . They all were having swollen eyes because of constant crying the last day. They all went to freshen up to start a new day. 

Nandini got ready and went to college. 


N: Aiyappa! kal pata nhi maine kya kya bol dia unhe aur ab Fab 5 pata nhi kya karegi mere sath. M toh sirf unhe sach hi dikha rahi thi. Chalo jo bhi karegi, i will face it. M strong enough to handle them. Par mujhe ek baar unse sorry toh bolna hi chahiye. Kal maine unhe bhut hurt kia intentionally nhi, par meri baaton ka unhe bura toh laga hi hoga. i should apologize once.

(She was going to Fab 5 jam room when she saw mukti there. She thought that she should say sorry to mukti first because sabse zyada rudely usse hi baat ki thi, so, she started to go to her. But then, she find her following someone, so she also followed her to see that what she is upto.)

N: Mukti, harshad ko kyun follow kar rahi h?

(Actually, when mukti entered college, she saw harshad and because of the last night self- encounter, she couldn't stop herself from following him.)

(Nandini saw Mukti staring at harshad with love- filled eyes. But, with love there was pain in them also. harshad went from there and mukti while crying, run to washroom and nandini runs after her. When nandini reached washroom, she was shocked and she shouted on her.)


N: Mukti, have you gone mad? what are you doing? Fainko isse.

(Actually, mukti was going to take some pills and when nandini checked the wrapper then she found that those were anti-depression pills.)

MU: U? go from here. let me take these pills.

N: Nhi mukti, these are not good for your health.

MU: Why do you care, just go .( and she jerks nandini away and  was going to take pills but nandini threw them away.)

 (Since, mukti has no other pills now with her, she out of depression started shouting. nandini tries to calm her down but of no use. Then mukti, started crying by falling on her knees. nandini also started crying by seeing her in such a vulnerable condition and hugged her tightly and started rubbing her back. Mukti calmed down a bit. And when she was in her senses, she jerked nandini away because she doesn't want anybody to see her true-being. But today, nandini was adamant to break mukti so that she can come out of her pain and live her life happily. When mukti was going to go, nandini holds her hand and take her to an empty classroom. mukti tried to free herself but her hold was too strong.)


(Mukti finally freed herself)

 MU: What the hell! how dare you to take me here like this? tum samajhti kya ho apne apko? Tumhe hamse darna chahiye, hum Fab 5 hain. samjhi tum?

N: Stop it mukti, tum kyun vo banna chahti ho jo ki tum nhi ho. Haan, tum fab 5 ki member ho lekin usse pehle tum sirf mukti ho, jiske paas ek bhut hi pure heart h jo kisise pyaar karna janta h. Please mukti, stop all this.

MU: (All this was becoming very difficult for mukti to handle, so, she shouted on nandini.) Stop it. just, stop it. nhi h mere paas koi dil, nhi karti m kisise pyaar.

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