We Talked About Tomatoes: 7 - Mistakes

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Hmm. Not much to say. Hope the series hasn't been too boring. I've sorta been feeling it is. :< So sorry if it is! Well, thanks for reading anyway. Please enjoy! Please comment and vote, thanks.



"If it makes things any better, Harry will be there, at the wedding," Steph told me.

"That actually makes things worse, Steph," I replied with a tired sigh. I was so over high school. It was such a long time ago, yet, it continues haunt me. "How about Ivy? Is she coming?"

"I . . . sent out the invite. I truthfully don't think so, but we'll see." Steph shrugged. "Do you think I should warn her Harry's coming?"

"I'd rather you warn Harry about Ivy coming," I said with a sad sigh.


Georgia's parents were shouting at each other again. They had put on that fake smile that hid their frustration every time they talked to her. They had quieted down every time she brought Bryce over. It had been another month since Bryce had first met her weird parents, a month since that awful talk with her father and Bryce.

Georgia leaned against her bedroom wall. She smiled bitterly and sadly to herself. They had always been the love role models for her. Kind, loving, caring and supportive of each other. Why did they have to tear their daughter's pride of her parents' down? She could hear snippets of their conversation. But she heard more as their volume consistently stayed loud. It was dark. It was night time, they had just come home from work. They had been working so late recently.

"Oh, so you want to pack up and leave, AGAIN? Our daughter has a life, you know? What is it this time? The secretary too dumb for you? Huh? The office space not big enough for you? God, Mike, I am so tired of your greediness!" She heard her mom shout.

"And I am so tired of your indecisiveness! It's, 'Let's go with that idea. Oh, no, wait, how about THAT one instead?' EVERY DAY! You can't even make up your mind! Okay, look, we've been together for twenty years, Sandy, but I've grown a little tired of your selfishness!"

"Oh, MY selfishness? Okay, okay. That's how you want to play, huh? . . ."

Georgia forced herself to move away from the hall. It's not like she still couldn't hear them, she could. She lay her head down on her purple pillow. Then she heard it. The word. The word that her classmates had suffered from. The word that she hoped would never come.

"Divorce? Oh, so you think you can carry this business by yourself? Mike, we started this TOGETHER. I doubt you could continue!"

"I'd be doing a better job than sharing it with you!"

Georgia blocked her ears, wrapping the pillow around the sides and back of her head. She didn't want to hear it. She didn't want to hear anymore. The people she wanted to be, the marriage she wanted to be in, was crumbling. She sighed. She felt so helpless. So hopeless. So everything. She felt sad.

That's probably what happens when something or someone you believed in so much fails your hopes. Shatters the fantasy of happiness and brings you back to the harsher reality. For seventeen years Georgia had lived in a happy marriage. Maybe it was time that was going to end. Maybe the cracks were starting to show.


Just like Georgia's parents, the cracks had shown in Harry and Ivy's relationship. They had been showing for FOUR months now. Now, the cracks were so huge that they weren't just cracks, they were wide, open, gaping holes. Harry had had enough. He had put up with this whole 'thing' for way too long. He may love her but this is way too much. He had realised that he deserved better than being treated like some toy.

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