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Mafia's Errand boy (Mxb) by Lights_at_Midnight
Mafia's Errand boy (Mxb)by Lights at midnight
I'm a pretty normal guy. I'm decent looking, I have a humorous personality, and I go to your average high school. But then I find out that my dear old father had just so...
Finding Home by AEBennet
Finding Homeby AEBennet
Paige was going home. It had been a long time she had thought of it as home but her brothers wedding was bringing her back. As the only human in the wolf pack she had ne...
Rejected But Alive by onedirection1445
Rejected But Aliveby A person
Kaily was rejected by everyone, even her 3 brothers. Things just got worst when the soon to be Alpha finds out they are mates. He rejects her and because of that she run...
Eden's Alpha by Allinall126
Eden's Alphaby Allinall126
#11 in werewolves "You know I'll never stop running, right?" "I've always loved a good chase" ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...
The Runaways by Horselover3k
The Runawaysby Daphne Strawberryeagle
Hiccup Horrendous haddock decided one day in his village of berk he will run away he was only 15 at the time his whole village thought he was dead but what if they found...
Camp Runaway by leigh_
Camp Runawayby Leigh Ansell
Running away from their jobs as camp counselors, Ellie and Seb embark on a road trip with unexpected turns en route to their destination - New York. ...
I Rang The Mafia Man's Doorbell by MsBooks17
I Rang The Mafia Man's Doorbellby MsBooks17
I finally reached the unfamiliar door and with little energy I had left, I rang the doorbell, making sure to hold my baby tightly in my arms. An elderly woman opened the...
𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚖𝚊𝚏𝚒𝚊 𝚂𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚢 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙴𝚗𝚐𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚑 𝚒𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚖𝚢 𝚏𝚒𝚛𝚜𝚝 𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚞𝚊𝚐𝚎. (𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚜𝚘 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠). 𝙸 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍 𝚊 𝚕𝚘𝚝 𝚠𝚑𝚒�...
Someone you forgot  by jfedr28
Someone you forgot by jfedr28
A/n this book has been totally re edited it still has the same story line just written a lot better. :) enjoy! Hiccup ran away when he was 15 and faked his death. Berk m...
Goddess Knows by AlexaJones1031
Goddess Knowsby Alexa Jones
Diana knew who her mate was after her first adult shift. She spent the next two years avoiding him so that she could leave for college and become more than a pack housew...
Lady of the Ravendale (Book 1, Ravendale series) ✔ by Little_Dreamerz
Lady of the Ravendale (Book 1, Little_Dreamerz
After living for five years in the futuristic world of Etria, Annabelle has to return back to a home that is filled with magic in Ravendale. Her mother died from sicknes...
Ivory  by CaitGeek
Ivory by CaitGeek
Marguerite has been beaten by her pack for twelve years and for being the only daughter of an alpha it's rare. Her brother and his best friend were the ones who started...
My Guardian Angel (BOOK ONE)✓ by PrettyLilAngelRose
My Guardian Angel (BOOK ONE)✓by Evelyn Whaley
Anyone who has grown up in a home filled with volatility and sinister secrets or who has seen it will agree that child abuse is wrong and repulsive. In this story, a pre...
Running with His Child by ItsLayLayH
Running with His Childby ItsLayLayH
After being involved with a cold-hearted mafia boss, Robyn Lehman decides its time to run. Little did she know, she was carrying the future heir to his entire empire. Wi...
Cortez's Runaway Wife by CrazyBookworm1997
Cortez's Runaway Wifeby Eliza Paige
Olivia has wanted out of the mafia life since her mother was killed, but when she is for to marry the oldest Cortez to keep her brother from being killed, but she runs o...
Gang Girl by IsAFluffyFox
Gang Girlby McFluffers
Kinks, lies, and gangs. That's all thanks to this gang leader, Damien. Bow is a runaway teenage girl. Many say that was very uncommon, but you wouldn't know unless you l...
What if Hiccup Had left by MargaretSohier
What if Hiccup Had leftby Margaret Sohier
What would have happened if Hiccup had left after he was nominated to slaw the Monstrous Nightmare? Well this is the story of what would have happened... Hang on thigh t...
The Billionaire's Runaway Wife by skylar_hopeee
The Billionaire's Runaway Wifeby skylar_hopeee
"Say something, anything. Tell me they're lies, that what we have is real. Tell me you love me, Liam." I sobbed. I waited for him to say something, but minutes...
Scars to Remember by vibrantly_sassy
Scars to Rememberby Sassy
**It is unedited, filled with typos, spelling mistakes, plot holes, and many more** She was hiding from her past, She was fighting for her future. Her sins were deeper t...
Orc Wars : Uprising by Ghost_Lord
Orc Wars : Uprisingby Ghost_Lord
Fleeing his home, Jace ends up starring on a reality show, playing "Orc Wars: Uprising". Only one avatar can win, and if he loses, Jace is back on the streets...