The Bad Boy Saved Me ✔ by SmashingInnocence
The Bad Boy Saved Me ✔by Aria Hale ✌
{SENSITIVE CONTENT} Olivia Greene. A typical nerd? Not really. Shy. Awkward. Fashion sense from hell? Of course. Olivia has been picked on her entire high school life...
  • dolantwins
  • shy
  • hot
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His Runaway Wife ✔️ by Jami1012
His Runaway Wife ✔️by Jami Gallardo
"What a disappointment it's going to be for all of them to learn you are married." He looked up at me. "Rebecca-I didn't tell them-" "Stop."...
  • runaway
  • chicklit
  • doctor
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The Secret (Watty Award Winner) | ✔️ by Monrosey
The Secret (Watty Award Winner) | DS Jamison
THANK YOU, Wattpad, for the HQ Love Watty Award! Concept: A mysterious young woman flees from her troubled past only to discover it is impossible to escape THE SECRET...
  • runaway
  • completed
  • secrets
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Alpha and Omega by scarletraven23
Alpha and Omegaby ♡ ⓒⓗⓔⓛⓢⓔⓨ ♡
At eighteen every wolf finds their mate, or at least they hope to. For Kelsey Hendricks, this is no different. She prays to find her mate, in hopes that he will save her...
  • mates
  • werewolf
  • distrust
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Reborn: Runaway Bride by RileyMaxwell
Reborn: Runaway Brideby Riley
In her past life, Ai Shizuka loved Jin Omaru with all her heart and had done everything she could to keep him by her side. Yet her life tragically ended when her own hus...
  • japan
  • imperial
  • villainess
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Oh, Piss Off! by TangieAngie
Oh, Piss Off!by Angie
"You can't tell me you don't have some type of hatred towards someone. Someone you want gone?" I thought about what she said and a face popped into my mind. Th...
  • runaway
  • fighter
  • fight
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Capture by DareSay
Captureby Rachel
Werewolves and vampires have taken over the world we once thought was our's, now they haven't just messed up the human community, they are now taking unwilling humans as...
  • mates
  • delta
  • run
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The Billionaire's Runaway Wife by skylar_hopee
The Billionaire's Runaway Wifeby skylar_hopee
"Say something, anything. Tell me they're lies, that what we have is real. Tell me you love me, Liam." I sobbed. I waited for him to say something, but minutes...
  • ceo
  • secrets
  • billionaire
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Maliha by Layla-A-D
Malihaby Layls_
*WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 19/07/2018* Maliha is a wanderer. She has been for the past 3 years. Her journey began the day the man she loved betrayed her for her adoptive si...
  • elemental
  • strength
  • strongfemalelead
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Not My Alpha (Completed) by mquistey
Not My Alpha (Completed)by mquistey
#1 in Werewolf - #1 in Mate The world is at war with something they told themselves didn't exist. Samantha was born into this world and has always lived her life in fea...
  • escape
  • runaway
  • completed
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Hide And Seek. by AsfarNoor
Hide And Asfar.
Book Two of the Mafia Series. "You can never escape from me, Rayla. You can run, you can hide but I will find you, my love." ←♥→ His presence felt so real. Alm...
  • romance
  • gangs
  • kidnapped
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💠〰Cold Hearted〰💠|Marvel's Runaways by _Mystica_04
💠〰Cold Hearted〰💠|Marvel's _Mystica_04
Weeks before PRIDEs big gala and before the Runaways run away, a young rich, ambiverted, girl discovers she has Cryokinetic powers. She tries to figure out exactly how a...
  • marvelrunaways
  • cryokinesis
  • huluoriginals
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Running with His Child by ItsLayLayH
Running with His Childby ItsLayLayH
After being involved with a cold-hearted mafia boss, Robyn Lehman decides its time to run. Little did she know, she was carrying the future heir to his entire empire. Wi...
  • caught
  • washington
  • love
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Broken By A CEO by laurencarver15
Broken By A CEOby Loverstwilight2016
Bribed into a life of perfection, Rosetta Greene is a sarcastic person who believes that she cannot be tamed by anyone. She bumps into a Alexander Brooke who happens to...
  • truth
  • controlling
  • return
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Forgotten     {Sequel to ~ Reported Missing} {COMPLETED} by ThatGirlsAngelXO
Forgotten {Sequel to ~ Beth
Y/N had a terrible past. Abuse. Hiding. And to top it off, she's now a runaway. She ran away from the people that loved her most. She ran away from her family. And t...
  • brycegames
  • sequel
  • cartoonz
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Defying Declan by MiaAddison
Defying Declanby Mia Addison
"Say. That. Again." His rough voice spits out. You can tell he is holding back. Hiding the real beast raging inside him. I'm terrified. I don't know why I had...
  • lexi
  • declan
  • possessive
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Their submissive mate (BXGXBXG, GXG, BxB, BXGXB, GXBXG) by graugaard
Their submissive mate (BXGXBXG, graugaard
Sophie is a normal 17 year old teenager. She is shy and likes staying out of trouble, she is what you would call a good girl, never done anything bad in her life. Coming...
  • runaway
  • shygirl
  • wattys2017
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Runaways: Book II (Quicksilver X Reader) by thecatgurl
Runaways: Book II (Quicksilver X thecatgurl
I tried to forget-to conceal the past. But it always found its way out through the cracks. I ran. But it turns out my past was running beside me all along. (Sequel to &q...
  • xmen
  • xmendaysoffuturepast
  • wolverine
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The Dark Shadow (Peter Parker x mail reader Story) by Ab_27118
The Dark Shadow (Peter Parker x .
I don't know
  • runaway
  • bestfriends
  • liz
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the runaway by lil_bhad_ace
the runawayby lil bhad ace
14 teens and 2 kids runaway to there most favorite place in the world they left with no track of there present and every one think they do not exist. there parents are w...
  • wlidlife
  • travel
  • runaway
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