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Running with His Child by ItsLayLayH
Running with His Childby ItsLayLayH
After being involved with a cold-hearted mafia boss, Robyn Lehman decides its time to run. Little did she know, she was carrying the future heir to his entire empire. Wi...
  • identity
  • florida
  • secrets
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Rejected by XxxGraysonxxX
Rejectedby Grayson
Xavier Dallas has always dreamed about her mate. Sure she wasn't the prettiest of them all. Acne, braces, and flat chested. Her family always supported her though, alway...
  • family
  • werewolf
  • rejected
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Rejected But Alive by anonhannah
Rejected But Aliveby A person
Kaily was rejected by everyone, even her 3 brothers. Things just got worst when the soon to be Alpha finds out they are mates. He rejects her and because of that she run...
  • runaway
  • luna
  • rejected
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I'm the Rejected Mate (Rewritten) by jabouti
I'm the Rejected Mate (Rewritten)by jabouti
Something in Ryan Curtis finally broke - it wasn't the years of abuse from her pack, years of exclusion from her friends, or the years of neglect from her only brother...
  • mate
  • rejection
  • bullying
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Oh, Piss Off! by TangieAngie
Oh, Piss Off!by Angie
"You can't tell me you don't have some type of hatred towards someone. Someone you want gone?" I thought about what she said and a face popped into my mind. Th...
  • fight
  • wattys2017
  • aiden
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The Billionaire's Runaway Wife by skylar_hopee
The Billionaire's Runaway Wifeby skylar_hopee
"Say something, anything. Tell me they're lies, that what we have is real. Tell me you love me, Liam." I sobbed. I waited for him to say something, but minutes...
  • secrets
  • humour
  • ceo
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Running away to never return - httyd run away fanfic by HpAndHttydLover
Running away to never return - HpAndHttydLover
Same old story. Hiccup runs away from berk after he is chosen to kill the Monsterous Nightmare. In the coming years he learns how to; hunt, fight, walk stealthily, speak...
  • dragonease
  • runaway
  • httyd
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The Bad Boy Saved Me ✔ by SmashingInnocence
The Bad Boy Saved Me ✔by Aria Hale ✌
{SENSITIVE CONTENT} Olivia Greene. A typical nerd? Not really. Shy. Awkward. Fashion sense from hell? Of course. Olivia has been picked on her entire high school life...
  • love
  • lonely
  • dolantwins
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Their submissive mate (BXGXBXG, GXG, BxB, BXGXB, GXBXG) by graugaard
Their submissive mate (BXGXBXG, graugaard
Sophie is a normal 17 year old teenager. She is shy and likes staying out of trouble, she is what you would call a good girl, never done anything bad in her life. Coming...
  • girlxgirl
  • secrets
  • twincest
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His Rejected Mate #1 by XxxGraysonxxX
His Rejected Mate #1by Grayson
Realene Ariana Walker. Only daughter of Sophia and Derek Walker. Her parents died from rouges and her older brothers turned against her. Leaving her in the basement they...
  • rouge
  • werewolves
  • alpha
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Running from my mate by BubbleBlueButterfly
Running from my mateby JustButterfly
Start: 11 May 2018 Finish: 6 December 2018 "I finally found you 'again', there is no running from here just give up and come with me" he says and reached out f...
  • witch
  • mate
  • runaway
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SAVE HER (mmbw) by kayylakyyx
SAVE HER (mmbw)by kaylaa
an 19 year old girl named Daniella was traded to an trade not just any trade a sex trade her stepsister traded her for drugs what happens when she makes a run for it and...
  • interracial
  • blackwoman
  • bwmm
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Eden's Alpha by Allinall126
Eden's Alphaby Allinall126
#11 in werewolves "You know I'll never stop running, right?" "I've always loved a good chase" ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...
  • runaway
  • confident
  • luna
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You reject it, you regret it. by illusionoflexy
You reject it, you regret Alex
Cora is excited for finding her mate, but when she finds out the soon to be alpha, Parker is 'the one' she's not so sure. Turns out, she was right. Parker rejects her fo...
  • eiffel
  • stronger
  • regret
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The Story of Omega by cosplayleijon
The Story of Omegaby ⭐️Cassmafrass⭐️
Raven was born an Omega. All through her life she endured the trials and tribulations of performing the tasks everyone else was too "elite" to perform and faci...
  • alpha
  • runaway
  • freshstart
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Mated to the Alpha  by ttoxicmin
Mated to the Alpha by Audrey
My name is Ember Daniels and all I do is run, running until my legs burn running until I can't go anymore to get away from my past. finally escaping the clutches of my s...
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • romance
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The Runaway Girl [#1 in the Runaway Series] by ViennaXo
The Runaway Girl [#1 in the Vienna Blue
[Book 1 of the Runaway Series] After Kody Lawrence shows up in a small town in North Carolina, questions are asked and suspicions are raised. All Kody wants to do is su...
  • runaway
  • betrayal
  • newfriendships
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Soul Brothers ✴ by Emoimerh
Soul Brothers ✴by Aivlis Emoimerh
infrequent updates... What if Hiccup had known Toothless since he was very young? What if Hiccup never shot Toothless down, because he was his best friend? Hiccup didn't...
  • hiccstrid
  • ruffnut
  • dragons
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Alpha and Omega by scarletraven23
Alpha and Omegaby ♡ ⓒⓗⓔⓛⓢⓔⓨ ♡
At eighteen every wolf finds their mate, or at least they hope to. For Kelsey Hendricks, this is no different. She prays to find her mate, in hopes that he will save her...
  • abused
  • pack
  • rejection
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We Go Where No One Goes  by wanheda46
We Go Where No One Goes by wanheda46
Part 1: Hiccup runs away with Toothless when Gobber announces that he will be killing the Monstrous Nightmare. Three years later, he flys back to Berk when he finds out...
  • fishlegs
  • httyd
  • fanfiction
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