What is love?🥀{ ff} by katherinetjeon
What is love?🥀{ ff}by Mrs.jeon❤️
Ara (you) and taehyung are a married couple of 3 years. In those years your life changed. Taehyung wasn't the same anymore with you. He acts cold but sometimes he is swe...
  • taetae
  • kimtaehyung
  • btsv
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• p e r f u m e • by retropical
• p e r f u m e •by 🍒
based on the song 'perfume' by Britney Spears. I want to believe It's just you and me Sometimes it feels like there's three Of us in here baby.... ------ 1st February -
  • jbff
  • love
  • divorce
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Forced marriage |J.Jk ff [Completed√] by army562
Forced marriage |J.Jk ff [ Jung Yerin
your name is Jung sooyeon You have just broke up with your lover But in a shocking way the destiny choose to play "You both are getting married"
  • suga
  • arrangedmarriage
  • maturity
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I'm Not the Only One by xxinlove
I'm Not the Only Oneby xxinlove
[HIGHEST: #8 in Short Story] [HIGHEST: #383 in Love] Rosalie has been married to Chris for a few years now, and is hopelessly in love with him. But she also knows he's b...
  • cheating
  • deception
  • relationship
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Tora's Sacrifice by Kay_Dee_Em_Dee
Tora's Sacrificeby Kay D
I used to think that losing Nate to my whore of step-sister was the worst thing that would ever happen to me in my life. I was wrong. I used to think that he would let...
  • beta
  • mates
  • love
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Harry Styles Imagines by Nikkitheredhead
Harry Styles Imaginesby Theredhead
Just Harry Styles Imagines for you guys! ❤️ Happy, sad, cute etc.
  • cheater
  • young
  • onedirection
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Nerd to Hottie [Jungkook ff] by axstheticjimin
Nerd to Hottie [Jungkook ff]by
Julie was a nerd in a relationship with Jeon Jungkook for just 1 month, everything went well but then one day he treated Julie cold and then Julie finds out she's being...
  • rm
  • ff
  • hobi
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Playing Hearts by whoiskim
Playing Heartsby - ̗̀ k i m m y ̖́-
He said he loved her and promised to stay faithful. Well that promise is long gone coming home every night reeking a new smell of perfume as well as hickeys full on disp...
  • sad
  • help
  • husband
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High School DxD: Cheater! by MasterJay123456789
High School DxD: Cheater!by Master Jay
Rias Gremory and her boyfriend were together for three years. Kazuki Sato, the rook and boyfriend Rias Gremory, comes back from a long five month mission and finds his c...
  • cheater
  • koneko
  • ecchi
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Greatest regret| j.jk by kyllie_queen
Greatest regret| j.jkby Jungcook_potato
Why cheat on someone you don't wanna lose, to someone you don't wanna keep? - FAKE LOVE. Is when you love someone that you thought that their love is genuine. ||J.K F...
  • army
  • kpop
  • hoseok
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Forgive Me by trouvialle_
Forgive Meby Trouvaille
"H-how long?..." I mumbled out as I choked on my sobs. "How long, what?" "H-how l...long were you waiting to tell m-me about your relationship w...
  • newlyweds
  • jensenackles
  • loveromance
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My Mate Cheated On Me by Lovebooksxoxoxo
My Mate Cheated On Meby Lovebooksxoxoxo
You know I used to remember when my mom told me beautiful stories when you get a mate who would love you no matter what, protect you. The I guess wrong I found my mate...
  • drama
  • werewolf
  • mates
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•Blowjob || M.YG x READER• by yoogertsasshole
•Blowjob || M.YG x READER•by “CLOUT...CHYLMIDIA”
When yoongi's girlfriend is terrible at blowjobs he hits up his bestfriend to help him.
  • suga
  • yoongi
  • bts
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Un-expected Lovers 💦 ( Riverdale )  Jeronica by Amaarahboo
Un-expected Lovers 💦 ( sloofy
Veronica didn't expect to see her best friend Betty Cooper having sex with Archie Andrews at sweet water river where she goes for her jog every morning since the summer...
  • jugheadjones
  • jeronica
  • reggiemantle
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My Sisters Boyfriend (Completed) by IdkFortune
My Sisters Boyfriend (Completed)by Kaitlyn Shaw
Rosalyn life has never been easy. Her dad died when she was 10 years old. She dealt with depression for about 2 years. Over that time, she developed a thick skin. Her li...
  • romance
  • sistersboyfriend
  • pregnancy
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SLEEPING WITH MY BROTHER'S WIFE  [18+] by i_am_ifeee
  • betrayal
  • forced
  • love
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Females x Male Reader vol. 1 by Veriase
Females x Male Reader vol. 1by Veriase
Some stories with male reader and various females. Yeah, yandere and more.
  • malereader
  • pervert
  • fanfiction
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Caring Team RWBY, Pyrrha, Velvet, and Coco x Depressed and Cheated Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
Caring Team RWBY, Pyrrha, ShaNEON_757
This was a story that appeared in my head after ready some more reader inserts that involves this and I never seen some where Team RWBY, Pyrrha, Velvet, and Coco helps t...
  • rwby
  • lemons
  • depression
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No. More. Cheaters. by ZoomQ21
No. More. ZoomQ21
How many times will they hurt us? What will it take for them to stop breaking, burning, freezing, brutalizing, and stabbing our hearts? Do you know how many times we've...
  • cheater
  • naruto
  • dc
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I trusted you- Cheater Yang X Male reader by robbiewazup
I trusted you- Cheater Yang X All Hail Megatron
Y/N intends to surprise his girlfriend on their 1 year anniversary, but she surprises him first...
  • cheater
  • rwby
  • yang
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