We Talked About Tomatoes: 8 - Consequences

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Hey guys!

Gotten over the shock of Ivy and Georgia's cheating ways yet?? Well, I hope this is the MOST climatic thing you have EVER read on wattpad. And if not, at least out of my stories!! Well, anyhoos. Let's see how this story unfolds!!


P.S. Do you all like the new background?? Self - made!!

BEWARE: to all those who don't like it, there are some swear words here!!


You'd think Harry and I would think about remembering waking up to each other naked, therefore piecing together that night's activities. But we didn't. We were stupid the night we thought we'd totally forget. And that cost us our friendship, with each other and Bryce. I know it was stupid, but that night; the alcohol; the loud music; the sex; it relieved us our recent emotional pain. Even if it was only for an hour. I mean, before going to the party, Harry and I, we just wanted to escape.


Georgia woke up, groggy with a beating headache. She could hear someone shouting but the words and the person's voice all fuzzed out. It was as if she could not comprehend words and anymore and was half-way deaf. She rubbed her left eye as she opened it slowly. The sunlight streaming from the clear window hurt her sensitive eyes.

She blinked her eyes a few times more and swallowed, the saliva swimming down her parched throat. Her head was still beating, throbbing as if it were her heart. She turned around, noticing the white sheets that surrounded her body. She groaned, This does NOT look like my bed, she thought. Suddenly the words of the person was coming into focus again.

"Dude, get out of the room! My parents'll be back in two hours!"

She didn't even recognise the voice. Where the hell am I? she questioned herself, still a little hazy and dizzy. Why was she in someone else's bed? And who the hell was calling her 'dude'?

She felt something move next to her, turning in the sheets. She sat up, realising quickly she was naked. In someone else's bed. With a guy standing in the door way calling her dude. She gathered the white sheets closely to her chests. What the hell?

"Damn, Harry, looks like you got some action. I thought you were with Ivy?" The guy said smugly, crossing his arms over a white singlet.

Oh, shit. Harry was in bed with her. And she was naked. In a place she didn't even know. She felt as if a bricked had dropped in her stomach as the realisation of what happened sunk in. She had slept with Harry. Bryce's best friend. Bryce, her boyfriend and possible love of her life. What was she going to do? How could I be so stupid? she chastised herself.

"Who are you?" She asked the guy in the doorway.

"I'm Steve. This is my house. You guys, seriously, my parents are gonna be home in a while, I need to clean this place up!" He said, growing impatient.

"Do I know you?" She asked. She caught a glimpse of herself in a nearby mirror. Her jaw almost dropped. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her hair . . . it was like a very poorly constructed bird's nest.

"Dude, I go to your school. Lincoln High? Man, I don't know any teen who lives here who doesn't."

Oh, Georgia thought, No wonder he looked so familiar. She heard who she assumed was Harry turning in the sheets. He groaned and rubbed his eyes. Then he sat up. He looked at the sheets draped around him and then he looked at Georgia.

"Shit," he muttered audibly.

"Yeah, you got yourself some trouble with Ivy! Look, Harry, get your chick outta here, I need to clean up. Don't make me ask another time, I don't want to throw you guys out, butt-naked." Harry winced at the mention of Ivy's name, reminding him of last night's betrayal.

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