We Talked About Tomatoes: 9 - Last Memory of You

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I still ran away from the problem. I didn't listen to Steph. I was leaving. I was going to separate myself from this town. And it sucked because I wanted to plead to Bryce, I wanted to annoy him until he gave in and looked at me. I wanted to stick with Steph, but I just couldn't.

Harriette ran up to me, her short legs stumbling over themselves. "Mommy, look!" She demanded excitedly, pointing to a snail slowly moving along the rough path. I smiled enthusiastically at her.

"You don't mind staying here with Grandma until Aunt Steph's and Uncle Nick's wedding is over, right?" Harriette shook her head, the dark brown curls swishing against her pink top. "Good. How about Uncle Harry? You know you're named after him, right?"

Harriette nodded. "When will we see Aunt Ivy again, Mom?"

"She sees you everyday, Harriette. She'll see you tomorrow." I gave her a wide smile, ruffling her dark curls.


Steph's flats audibly skimmed across the tiles, her long, tanned legs making their way to Georgia's room. The house was different as she'd last seen it. For one, there hadn't been so many brown, cardboard boxes lying around. She wanted answers from Georgia. Even though Bryce was her friend, Georgia was too. She wanted to hear all the sides first, even though she believed what Georgia had done as something unforgivable and incredibly slutty.

Steph didn't even knock on the coarse wooden door to alarm Georgia of her presence. She just twisted the smooth brass knob and entered Georgia's room. Georgia was by her wooden, single bed, shoving garments of clothing into a box that looked similar to the ones outside. Steph's eyes scanned the almost empty room.

Georgia's beautiful artworks had been taken down, leaving a few traces of Blu-Tack on the walls. Georgia's desk had been cleared, leaving no books, no pencils, nothing on the surface. Even Georgia's open wardrobe drawers were empty. Steph shook her head.

"So you're just going to run away?" She asked Georgia.

Georgia stopped packing her clothes for a moment. Steph had come. Was she going to be as mad as Bryce? Georgia continued the shoving of the clothes. "I'm not running away," she denied, although it did seem she was, "My dad's moving to New York. He has a new client there."

"So, this has nothing to do with your parents fighting? Isn't your mum staying?"

"My mom is staying here, but I don't need to. How'd you know about the fights anyway?"

"Bryce got drunk last night with Nick and I. He spilled a few things here and there about the current situation. I still can't believe you slept with Harry."

"Neither can I, Steph. So if you're going to judge me for it, just leave."

"I didn't say anything, Georgia. Look, don't run away. You can't leave Harry, he'll be a total loner without Bryce and Nick as his friends! And don't leave me. I'm kind of blaming this on Ivy and I don't want to talk to her right now."

Georgia halted her packing and sat down next to the box, staring up at Steph's ocean blue eyes. "Ivy's been sleeping with another guy and stringing Harry along for FOUR months. Harry needed support."

"He didn't need sex, Georgia."

"I . . . Steph, I don't even remember what happened that night except for him telling me what happened, getting drunk and then waking up in a bed with him. So, there is a super small possibility that I didn't sleep with him, but I doubt I'd get naked and climb into bed with another naked guy for no reason. Not exactly my idea of fun."

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