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Revved Up by xxLissaMaexx
Revved Upby T.C. Bosarge
On the alcohol fueled night of her best friend's bachelorette party, Riley accepts the dare of getting a man to buy her a drink in her towns exclusive biker bar. As soon...
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Serendipity by solo123
Serendipityby solo123
Maya, the youngest girl in the family and the most loved by friends and family. She never experienced love, before but, will she get the chance to experience her first l...
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Have It Your Way by morgiiez
Have It Your Wayby morgiiez
This is a story filled with crazy antics, crazy people, and awesome musicians!! It involves burger king,,
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Amiada Rising by EvaJupiterSkies
Amiada Risingby Eva
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Total Drama Tropics by thatchickenwingpony
Total Drama Tropicsby thatchickenwingpony
20 Total Drama Contestants are back for more!
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Zodiac's Daily Life by jeavanna
Zodiac's Daily Lifeby ᴶᵉᵃᵛᵃⁿⁿᵃ ᴰᵉ ⱽⁱˡˡᵉ
A story with Zodiac characters <3 Romcom, slice of life, school life and random scenes between all of the zodiac signs. It was fun reading stories about zodiac signs...
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Play Stealer by OxfordGirl101
Play Stealerby Livvie
Izzy has always been the Coach's daughter. She lives, eats, and sleeps football and not necessarily by choice. As any other year, Izzy and her father are going on their...
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Happy Birthday To My Other Half by AsheCorinthos
Happy Birthday To My Other Halfby ~Ashe~
-In which Rin's birthday goes sour, but ends on a sweet note. Lenrin birthday oneshot. (Happy eight years!)
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This is not your ordinary romance novel; it is a story about passion, love, desire and loss based on real life experiences and situations we can all relate to. Dealing w...
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Strength of Weakness by SarahAnderson727
Strength of Weaknessby Sarah Anderson
This book is about a girl who goes through many hardships in her life and manages to keep a smile on her face. Until her crush finds out what no one else knew. & ruins...
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Random oneshots of couples from all fandoms by Queen_mally
Random oneshots of couples from Mali
Just a collection of random fanficts (mostly one-shots) that I felt like writing. The picture is something i found on the internet and then colored and outlined kinda ba...
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those hopeless romantics by tbhno1cares
those hopeless romanticsby tbhno1cares
short stories for those romantics which are hopeless
Matchmaking The Nerd by MonkeyMagik
Matchmaking The Nerdby Marzii
Raquel Summer Quinton Known to her peers as Matchmaker queen, she hates the name, she hates being in crowds but she is willing to do this job for her being to nice, but...
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FNAF ship opinions by Toybonnie4444
FNAF ship opinionsby Toybonnie4444
So the all the ones who hate what I ship please don't comment or read then... So don't be surprised on what I ship
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"Karma's A Bitch" by lifebehindLGBT
"Karma's A Bitch"by lifebehindLGBT
In "Karma's A Bitch," Desy, happens to go through some hard decisions in life. She lives a life of constant disappointments, heartaches & sacrifices she had to...
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Love Just Happened by kenavery1
Love Just Happenedby kenavery1
Everly Kostas has always known her brother and his hot best friends are the schools biggest players. But will fate bring her into a relationship meant to be from the sta...
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Story of a Teenage Nothing by Cassiebobassie
Story of a Teenage Nothingby Cassie A.
A look into the life of a teenager. This young one believes that her life is leading her towards nothing spectacular. However, she just might be may be stumbling onto so...
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Transported by MirlyMe
Transportedby Emilia
Marilyn doesn't know why, or how it's possible, but she transports at any time to any place. This curse has saved her life but couldn't save her parents. She can't trus...
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Bittersweet Love by SamanthaVR
Bittersweet Loveby Sam
James De Luca, a powerful Italian billionaire, gorgeous and sexy with a heart of stone. He is incredibly rich, cold hearted, and captivating. His charming good looks and...
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My Kidnapper by isykitty
My Kidnapperby Riley Rose
Sky was a girl who was scared to stand up for herself in front of her parents. That is... until she meets the person who kidnapped her.
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