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antisocialby edys
the rants, opinions, facts, and pictures of an antisocial nobody🥀
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Awake  by Bangtanboycrazy
Awake by Bangtanboycrazy
"No. No! Stop it. I can't do it!" "Oh, come on." he kissed me convincingly on the cheek. Jin and Lina, the two lovers, have turned many pages in the...
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  • btssuga
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✔Wide Awake in an Epiphany | 김석진✅ by mr_kriswuyifan
✔Wide Awake in an Epiphany | 김석진✅by ☆김티나 , 김태형☆
"Maybe I, I can't touch the sky Still, I want to stretch my hand out I want to run Just a bit more I'm shaking and afraid but I keep going forward I'm meeting the r...
  • lovelife
  • loveyourself
  • lifelessons
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✔️ | Awake | Kim Seokjin X Reader  by DestinyErza
✔️ | Awake | Kim Seokjin X Reader by 💞
You fell in love in weird circumstances, circumstances that could mean the loss of your soulmate. Kim Seokjin was an idol, you were a waitress but in these circumstance...
  • rapmonster
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I Loved You, Stella by sweetesttoothache
I Loved You, Stellaby Sapphire
Heartbreaks. Thousand of heartbreaks. She couldn't bear it. She's tired. She just can't do anything. She's starting to feel numb and tired. She feels so empty. She feel...
  • save
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  • wasted
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Awake (On Hold) by Mira_Noelle
Awake (On Hold)by Mira Noelle
After a failed attempt to commit suicide, Arora Thorne wakes up in the cell that she thought she would never see again. But this time, she doesn't have to fight for the...
  • sciencefiction
  • secrets
  • awake
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Awake | BTS [ON-HOLD] by JlMlNPARK
Awake | BTS [ON-HOLD]by dean is away
What if one morning, you find everyone in your house, still asleep and won't wake up; the whole world too. So you get your laptop, hoping to find some information on wha...
  • taehyung
  • yoongi
  • fanfiction
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BTS (Wings) Song Meanings And Lyrics  by Yusa4321
BTS (Wings) Song Meanings And 김다은❤V
BTS is making me a better person so I decided to research some meanings of the song and put them in this book (with credits obviously, i know how it feels when someone u...
  • lie
  • lost
  • hopeformoregooddays
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Car Door Guy (Jin x reader) COMPLETED by Bangtan_Trash39
Car Door Guy (Jin x reader) ⚫️Bangtan_Trash⚫️
{COMPLETED} Everyone was crowded around the black limousine, screaming and knocking at the black tinted windows. Seven men stepped out of the limo, and the crowd starte...
  • awake
  • flirt
  • btsjin
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Before Sunrise (On Hold) by LaurenDodge
Before Sunrise (On Hold)by Lauren Dodge 🦇
One wrong turn could be her last... The moment Lena Gray awakes, she realizes three things: She is not where she belonged. She is not alone. She is definitely not...
  • enemy
  • damned
  • fairies
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ᵃʷᵃᵏᵉ | ᵏⁱᵐ ˢᵉᵒᵏʲⁱⁿ by EPIPHALEY
ᵃʷᵃᵏᵉ | ᵏⁱᵐ ˢᵉᵒᵏʲⁱⁿby 희망
❝i'm wide awake.❞ ©EPIPHALEY
  • ksj
  • angst
  • wings
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All The Bright Places // Jennifer Niven by toalignagain
All The Bright Places // E.
Inspired by All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. ----- Highest ranks: #1 in #allthebrightplaces #1 in #asleep #1 in #jenniferniven #2 in #wander #40 in Poetry #87 in...
  • jenniferniven
  • remarkeyable
  • suicide
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AWAKENED [Sequl to Diary] by 0-Characterz-0
AWAKENED [Sequl to Diary]by ۵𝙧𝙚𝙫𝙤𝙡𝙪𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣۵
  • reality
  • awakened
  • awake
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How To Stay Awake! by xcxbx0
How To Stay Awake!by —•—
We all at one point of our lives try to pull an "All Nighter". Now I'm like the master at it! My record is that I haven't slept in 5 days! Surprisingly I have...
  • allnighter
  • howto
  • nosleep
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BTS 'WINGS' Trailers Theory by General_Red
BTS 'WINGS' Trailers Theoryby ChiSeAy
  • stigma
  • theories
  • lie
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Rights and Wrongs (Undertale Fanfic) by Starry_Dragon
Rights and Wrongs (Undertale Starry_Dragon
So. @TheReturnOfTurtle and I wrote this story together. We both have the whole thing, so you can just... follow this one... but ALSO go check out my collaborator's page...
  • alternate
  • awake
  • frisk
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Awaken by CamiStein8
Awakenby Cami Stein
Sequel to Comatose For YGOtober 2018
  • yugiohvrains
  • slightdatastormshipping
  • revolver
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Draw me Wings || P•JM || [ENG] by DiCatMin
Draw me Wings || P•JM || [ENG]by CatChiMinion
"Take the paint of my blood, my sweat and my tears. Take it. Take it and draw on me your lies: draw on me your wings." Cover, story and words by: ©DiCatMin
  • stigma
  • despair
  • romance
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bantaboys bts theory by daiki24k
bantaboys bts theoryby nightmare
theories messages stories secret truths that our kids left us smeraldo books
  • ineedu
  • nottoday
  • imfine
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when will he awake?//seventeen Woozi X Dino ff (Discontinued Temporarily) by Jiyeonie03
when will he awake?//seventeen Jiyeonie03
this story is about woozi who went into a coma and hasnt woken up for years. but the start of the story is when its a flashback before what happened to him.
  • woozi
  • gone
  • cars
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