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Calypso (Wattys 2015) by KateeSmurfette
Calypso (Wattys 2015)by Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
It is said that there will be a time when a great and powerful Alpha shall grace the Werewolf World. Not many will know the Alpha's true identity, and no-one knows wheth...
  • alpha
  • pendant
  • alpha-female
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Pendant 2  by breighshaffer
Pendant 2 by BTS_ARMY❤️
Second book of the first one called The Pendant. Now it's 7 years later with the soulmates the necklace chose : Jungkook and Taehyung, Jimin and Yoongi, Namjoon and Jin...
  • yoonmin
  • complete
  • pendant
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The Perfect Prince (Boyxboy) by simplyaprincess_
The Perfect Prince (Boyxboy)by simplyaprincess_
A Cinderella story with twists. A/N: This IS my first story on Wattpad so please don't be too harsh on me. I'm still a rookie. LOL. XD
  • pendant
  • shortstory
  • cinderellatwist
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The Secret Lover (ItaSaku) by HarrysOnlyyAngel
The Secret Lover (ItaSaku)by Andreea
After her parents died, her only treasure left by them is her pendant that she carries everywhere. But one day, she loses it. An unknown man finds it and decides to retu...
  • letter
  • pendant
  • itachi
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Choleric by immortal-serenity
Cholericby ☼ ☼ ☼
Mate. A mesmerising string of four letters placed perfectly for an equally perfect person. How it came about? No one really knows the answer to that. They only know it...
  • wolves
  • pendant
  • death
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My Professor is my Husband by GorgeousLadyZy
My Professor is my Husbandby GorgeousLadyZy
I was the girl he used to love. He was the boy who broke my heart. I was the girl who loved him more than what he deserved I was the girl who cried and beg for him to st...
  • pendant
  • infinity
  • troy
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All she wanted was a normal life, but fate had other plans for her...
  • angelofdeath
  • protector
  • mate
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Black Pendant by SheikaBaby8
Black Pendantby Galaxy Unheard
she is beautiful but creepy... smart.. but too intelligent that she could predict and calculate everything she sees it all wait...does she really sees it all? o baka nam...
  • pendant
  • fanatasy
  • horror
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The Sapphire Pendant by ShootingSparkles
The Sapphire Pendantby Sarah
Two royals, both of whom would do not want to meet each other, are brought together. An unspoken alliance form which leads to...more? Princess Adeline. Headstrong, def...
  • pendent
  • sapphire
  • pendant
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His predator, My prey by Itzkarls
His predator, My preyby Karlz
His eyes His Scent His looks His voice Everything about him was inviting. Every second I spend with him was every second I lost a speck of myself. Who knew that my great...
  • fantasy
  • undiscovered
  • blackgirlmagic
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Bad ▷ c. de vil ▹ book 2 by SalemKatherine
Bad ▷ c. de vil ▹ book 2by UNORIGINAL GIRL🌹
I made them covers! you could request a cover (sorry) This is book two and thank you. ♢☽☾♢ ❝I swear this pendant is cursed❞ ❝Why?❞ Ulyana showed Carlos her sister's gl...
  • cureladevil
  • carlosdevil
  • auradonprep
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The Caelum Princess by SkyMaiden16
The Caelum Princessby Ashley Hamada
THE CAELUM PRINCESS A Final Fantasy/Rise of the Brave Frozen Tangled Dragon Hero Crossover Fan Fiction Princess Résh Farron Caelum, the daughter of Noctis Lucis Caelum a...
  • jelsa
  • lightningnoctisdaughter
  • hirohamadaxoc
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I married her twice by bellajoyceguevarra
I married her twiceby bellajoyce guevarra
Hello guys! My name is Tashia Joy Montemayor. Isa lamang akong nurse as if nagpapanggap lang ako bilang isang sales lady ng isang Department Store, ewan ko ba kong baki...
  • pendant
Myth | The Mysmorpher Chronicles Book 1 ✓ by elfinlia1661
Myth | The Mysmorpher Chronicles Silver Moon Owl
Avonlea Yuy Kipole is able to get into Shape-Shifting School. The only problem? When she went through Animal Recognition, she was a mini Basilisk serpent. Lugarrito Lizz...
  • mythical
  • mysterious
  • fantasy
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Vampire Academy by _starlight_03
Vampire Academyby _starlight_03
Siya si CIERA SANCHEZ lumaking mabait at lumaki siya sa lola niya dahil nag tatrabaho yung mga magulang niya sa mga MAIVEN pero isang araw tumawag sa kanya ang mga magul...
  • maiven
  • pendant
  • spencer
Switched ( Rainbow Rocks Fanfic) by VanNguyen606
Switched ( Rainbow Rocks Fanfic)by - van -
Hello! So I switched the Dazzlings, to go on The Rainboom side... AND Rainbow Dash is Aria, Rarity is Adagio, Pinkie Pie is Sonata! Comment, if you like it!!! PLS VOTE...
  • switched
  • pinkiepie
  • pendants
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by GS_Stella
Twinkle Twinkle Little Starby Stella
Childhood Love...!! Pure bliss...!! Here is a story of two best friends Laddu and Kaddu who realize their love for each other long after they were separated... Why they...
  • cute
  • sanskaar
  • kiss
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The half Light/Darkness teenager girl?!(Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal) by Autumndarkness89
The half Light/Darkness teenager #96 Outcast 💔
There are secrets that lies within the unknown teenager girl that only #96 knows of what it is. But neither Yuma, Astral, and his friends know about it because their hea...
  • darkness
  • heartlandcity
  • astral
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The Academy Of Fear.(Creepypasta X Reader.) by Emo_Slender_Girl
The Academy Of Fear.(Creepypasta Emo_Slender_Girl
In a land,far far away,lived a princess... No. This story isn't like that. Somewhere on Earth,there was a n academy named Sunly Academy.A special girl was there,with wei...
  • xreader
  • zaldo
  • death
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OUT OF THE BOX by Meera512
Neuron pathways often ends us in trouble. And that's how she ended up alone in the Cola beach with a mystery box.
  • indian
  • pendant
  • collegetrip
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