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Seeing Through the Cracks by euskoski
Seeing Through the Cracksby Elaine Uskoski
Everyone knows the rules of growing up. Once you're eighteen things become clearer, childhood problems melt away, and you're ready to go out and conquer the world. You'r...
  • depression
  • addiction
  • nonfiction
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ITZY (Tag-lish) Cracks by MilkTae7
ITZY (Tag-lish) Cracksby Yeji's MilkTae
Just an ITZY jokes that contains Tagalog words in some chapters.
  • ships
  • ryujin
  • yeji
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Shameless Flirting by constipated-unicorn
Shameless Flirtingby ded
Kyoya is dared to request Tamaki as a host by the twins. He refuses but is egged on by them, and eventually gives in. He tries to be nonchalant, but Tamaki's surprising(...
  • tamakisuo
  • ouranhostclub
  • tamakyou
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JUST SEVENTEEN by NeetnevesseventeeN
  • coups
  • pledis
  • hoshi
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Spades and Hearts - Lancer x Reader Oneshots by -ilikesand
Spades and Hearts - Lancer x ★ Bee ★
This book is fueled with your requests and memes..
  • lancer
  • cracks
  • some
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BFDI and II One-shots, Cracks, Comics, Shitposts and so many more! by LeahHutchinson1
BFDI and II One-shots, Cracks, Leah Hutchinson
Hello! This is a book about one-shots, cracks, comics, shitposts and more! Enjoy!
  • ii
  • inanimateinsanity
  • objectshows
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Hetalia Fangirl Problems / Cracks by AkikawaYayoi111
Hetalia Fangirl Problems / Cracksby AkikawaYayoi111
I do not own Hetalia in anyway. All rights reserved. Anyways, this is like a Hetalia Yaoi Fangirl life book.
  • yaoi
  • aph
  • cracks
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Incorrect Anime Quotes by girlwounder
Incorrect Anime Quotesby Summer 😎☀️
Incorrect quotes from different anime. Why not! I am not sorry
  • puellamagimadokamagica
  • bnha
  • incorrectquote
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KPOP 👑 TRASH  by Wannasamuel
KPOP 👑 TRASH by Wannasamuel
If your a Kpop trash, well just start reading it. CONTAINS : crazy and funny cracks. What generally we, multifandom feel. Memes, jokes & ships etc... But i Swear these...
  • infinite
  • seventeen
  • k-trash
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Funny B by WinterStorm16
Funny Bby Elemental Power!
It's lame don't read it lol
  • boboiboy
  • memes
  • boboiboygalaxy
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The Paladin by Irahendrix
The Paladinby Irahendrix
She's not immortal. She's not a hero. She's just Aida. Aida. No surname and no nickname. Nothing to identify her with other than her hunting skills and her name. Everyda...
  • cracks
  • aida
  • pws
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HxH Crack w/ Reader Gon's Innocence by Star_Chan4
HxH Crack w/ Reader Gon's Innocenceby Star_ Chan
HxH crack with you!!
  • hxh
  • random
  • cracks
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Book of Cracks by lancerbrynhildr
Book of Cracksby ♡Brynhildr♡
Random stuff from FGO and GBF Cover art by: @lilsolvedt
  • justrandomstuff
  • edits
  • fategrandorder
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~This Is My Shitue~ by moan_child
~This Is My Shitue~by
D I S C L A M E R The characters found in this story are only allusions to real people and none of the situations and personalities found here reflect the reality, treat...
  • imagine
  • orange
  • facts
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Bungou Stray Dogs CRACK  by KimTatagane
Bungou Stray Dogs CRACK by KimTatagane
The title says it I'm just goofing around with the characters XD
  • bsd
  • cracks
  • notseriously
Oneshots, scenarios, cracks and more! by MsMinAurora29
Oneshots, scenarios, cracks and MsMinAurora29
This includes: Transformers - G1, TFP, Bayverse, Armanda, RID2001, IDW COMIC, Shattered Glass ANIME: Vampire Knight, Dance with Devils, Diabolik Lovers, Brothers Conflic...
  • braveseries
  • videogames
  • scenarios
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My Dark Eyes by THEDEADMAN
Dark as the Night
  • one
  • fly
  • looking
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Another Tragic Story by anendlessgalaxy
Another Tragic Storyby anendlessgalaxy
A collection of the thoughts and feelings I'm too afraid to share. These words are things I see, hear, taste, and feel. These are the words of my life on a page, this is...
  • darkness
  • heart
  • sadness
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Boku No Hero Academia on FACEBOOK by CoFFeeBeaN28
Boku No Hero Academia on FACEBOOKby ⓗⓘⓐⓣⓤⓢ
What if Boku No Hero Academia characters have a Facebook? Inspired by: callmealyssa (Haikyuu! on Facebook) and Kurodokidoki (Kuroko on Facebook) Started: 6/9/2017 Finis...
  • shoto
  • deku
  • cracks
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