We Talked About Tomatoes: 10 - 6 Years, 4 Months and 3 Weeks Later

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Sorry for the two week delay. FINALLY finished studying (well, for the test but not for our half-yearlies!!) so I should be updating like once a week from now on. This chapter it's finally IN THE PRESENT/future, however you want to look at it. I'm going to do a 6 Years Later thingy so you know it's present. So, like, the part where they break-up is in 2004 and now it's 2010. You catch my drift?? Yeah. Enjoy!!





"So, aren't you excited about the hen's night, tomorrow?"

My eyes widened as I looked at the floor and chewed on my lower lip. Crud, I had forgotten about that. I mean, this WAS the first time I'd ever been a Maid of Honor. I don't exactly know what's procedure.

"Hmm, guess not. Well, I think it will be exciting. No strippers though, I don't think I really like it when guys lather themselves in oil. Besides, I'm fine with Nick. You know what I'm really waiting for?" Steph quizzed me.

"The vows?" I guessed, knowing that Steph was everything romantic.

"Well, yeah, I guess, but the honeymoon period! Imagine how . . . creative we'll get!"

"What? Are you going on an art camp or something?" I asked, utterly befuddled.

"No!" Steph laughed, "We're -"

"It's okay, I just got it. No need to explain. So, um, when's your rehearsal dinner?" I asked.

"It's on Friday night. Four days away. Then in a week, it will be my wedding," Steph squealed, "I am SO excited, I'm going to be a MISSES!!"

I gave Steph a tight-lipped smile. I wanted to ask about Bryce. I would, but this was Steph's day. This was HER week. I can't ruin that because of something that happened eons ago.

"Oh, and . . . Bryce kind of forced me, or else I totally wouldn't have, but um . . . he made me invite Rachel to my hen's night and she already said she'd love to come. Rachel's his girlfriend, by the way . . . in case you couldn't figure it out."

"Oh. No, I figured it out. That's okay. That's fine. Bryce is my past. No need to fret about it. No need to be jealous of some girlfriend of his if I don't even like him anymore," I reassured her with a wide smile.

"Oh, Georgia, you already are jealous of her and you haven't even met her yet." Steph smiled at me softly and sadly.

"I will tomorrow night."

"Oh . . . I was going to surprise you but it might just be a shock so I might as well say it now." Steph took a deep breath and let it out, as if she needed to brace herself for the incoming information instead of me. "Bryce is dropping her off."

"Oh. That's not so bad. God, I thought you were going to tell me you were pregnant or something."

"'That's not so bad'?" Steph repeated. "You guys haven't seen or talked to each other in YEARS! And no, I'm not pregnant. Please, you and Bryce is bigger than a person coming out of somewhere down there. You guys were the model, teen couple. Innocent, young, studious, cute! Then caput! You were done! Just like that!"

"Don't remind me Steph. I'm older now. I'm twenty-three. I was seventeen when I was with Bryce. Now, I have a child, a struggling home business and I'm taking uni part time. I don't need a man right now. So, let's just focus on you this week, okay?"

"Fine," Steph said reluctantly. "Where is Harriette today anyway? Besides, she's technically not your child."

"She's with Ivy. And I raised Harriette, she may not be blood related to me but I love her as much as any other mother would. Probably more since I could actually lose her any moment to her real mother."

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