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ADDICTIVE books on wattpad by shrutuk
ADDICTIVE books on wattpadby spandan
Books are uniquely portable magic -Stephen king So here's a list of books which I have bee...
Love Is War by RiverdaleGilmores
Love Is Warby RiverdaleGilmores
Callie Cooper is Betty Cooper's fraternal twin. She has the closed relationship with her sister. Great friends. An amazing boyfriend. Though things start to change. So W...
It All Started With A Milkshake by acting_101
It All Started With A Milkshakeby acting_101
Taylor Brooks is your average teenage good girl. She gets good grades and doesn't get into trouble. Until one day when she decides to mess with the bad boy. Who will cha...
Its Life by RiverdaleGilmores
Its Lifeby RiverdaleGilmores
Jughead Jones has a twin sister Jade who was a serpent first. Whos parents choose her siblings over her. She has people who fear her. She can be tough and people think s...
Backwoods Backwards by -tigerlily
Backwoods Backwardsby t i f f a n y
Born and raised in a small southern town, Lacey Madison is damaged goods, and has been that way for years now. With an older sister gone eleven months out of the year an...
The Dark World by bettyarticles
The Dark Worldby bettyarticles
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ ⚠️MENTIONS OF SUCIDE⚠️ ⚠️MENTIONS OF SELF HARM⚠️ Betty Cooper was the perfect girl next door. She had the perfect family, the perfect friends, t...
Trouble In Mind  by TrappedInCumberland
Trouble In Mind by CumberDepp
Isobel moves to Riverdale only to cross paths with an old friend of her dad's. In the mist of all the mysteries of Jason Blossoms disappearance, an unconventional roman...
E-Cigarette. by p4ss_th3_bl3ach__
#8 Harley??
Six boys, a college far from home, a fuck ton of problems, addiction, insecurity, trauma, scarred for life. Suna Rintaro - struggling with addiction, substances slowly...
Glitz Gurlz on Deck by tamoja
Glitz Gurlz on Deckby tamoja
*********Wattpad Featured Story********* Ever wondered how many sacrifices a cheerleader must make to stay beautiful and popular? You have no idea!! This story highligh...
Her Secret Father by lulubell2002
Her Secret Fatherby Alexis
Blair is a 25 year old who believes she doesn't need to have kids, get a husband, or get a boyfriend. She thinks she is absolutely fine on her own. Her best friend, Kyla...
Vanilla by merlinemrys248
Vanillaby Riya Mital
She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "What's wrong? Have I left the infamous Luke Moore speechless?" She bumped her shoulder against mine smiling wi...
A Thief's Love (TMNT Xever x Reader) by TheFightingRenegade
A Thief's Love (TMNT Xever x Kana Morgan
I love this man with my entire being and felt the need to write a book due to the lack of stories... Please don't yell at me...
Two Jeon by berryjetjet
Two Jeonby ⁷KuuKii🍓
Jeon JeongGuk & Jeon Jungkook Kim Taehyung ⚠mature⚠ 🍓🌨️🐳
Milkshake || Joshler || 🍓🥛 by x-PrettySleeper-x
Milkshake || Joshler || 🍓🥛by Baby™
Tyler had just been stood up...again, but just as he was about to leave and a certain red headed male bumped into him and changed his life.
His Soccer Girl by DisneyGirl2002
His Soccer Girlby Batgirl0704
Grace Watson was the athletic and perky girl of the school, who would rather pick up a soccer ball than a textbook. Austin Barnes was leader of The Four, a mysterious gr...
blondie (johnny lawrence x reader) by 80sretrowrites
blondie (johnny lawrence x reader)by ☎️retro writes☎️
When a blonde boy spills a milkshake on new country club member sloane, what will happen? johnny lawrence fan-fic
Milkshakes by raindrops_
Milkshakesby kei
The struggles of a shy boy and a shy girl. [one-shot]
All I Ever Wanted by Raggning
All I Ever Wantedby Raggning
All Nadine Carter has ever wanted was to live happily with her parents, have a loving sweet boyfriend and friends she could count on. When she reached twelve years old h...
Thanks to Him by RiverdaleGilmores
Thanks to Himby RiverdaleGilmores
After Fred Andrews suddenly passed his passing effected everyone in Riverdale. Not only was Mary and Archie effected so bad, but so was a girl who was close to him and h...